I probably sound like everybody on here, but my boyfriend is in bootcamp right now. I started college when he left. So its been difficult for both of us! But receiving letters make it easy. I love him so much, & only 23 days until i fly to see him in California! :) I love reading everyones stories. Gives me hope:) I'm scared for deployment though:(
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lol i think it comes with territory you become a clone - just joking!! I'm Storm and AJ is my husband we just got back from honeymoon and he just got deployed welcome if you need anything we all here for you!

Haha no worries girl, we all sound like each other. It's really comforting to me though because I do know everyone else feels the same way, I'm not alone in all that. I hope the days go really fast for you and your Marine!!

I am scared for deployment too but let's hope things are calming down and nothing major will happen. I keep praying for all our Marines and their continued safety, wherever they are. Good luck and if you need to talk message me!! My name is Autumn :)

Thanks girl! :) yeah! I'm here for you too! My name is Chrissy!