Hey everyone! So a while ago I wrote saying how confused I was because I didn't really missing my SO like I should, but now I feel the pain. I am doing good though, I love what this experience has done for my marine and I and in all his letter he talks more and more about getting married and before he left he wanted to wait like two years! So I am excited about the way he is talking :) I have a question though. I want to make him something for when he returns from basic. Any ideas? I have less than 2 months to make it and I want to start soon so I can have something to do in my spare time! Please give me some ideas! Thanks ladies hope all is well!
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All great ideas! He has a blanket all ready and a video so I guess I am probably going to make a scrapbook. I guess after so many years together you start running out of things to give your boy lol thanks!

No problem...look on pinterest if you run out of ideas of things to make...or you could get something personalized from like etsy :) have fun scrapbooking!

A scrapbook, a video compilation, a blanket...those are a few things my guy has loved. The scrapbook helps him when he's missin home and needs that little reminder, the video he can watch anytime on YouTube, and the blanket he can take with him on trainings and deployments...a little piece of home (: