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I have posted things on here before, but I have not actually ever told our story. So here it goes...Keegan Is my marine, we have dated since December 27th, 2008, doing the math that is almost four years! We started dating as 15 and 16 year olds, I am a few months older than him. Haha they call me the cougar! But yes we were young and sometimes I look back and think it was really silly of us to do that because sometimes I feel like I missed out on things, but I believe God has a good plan for us so I am not complaining. We met at a Christmas party and his brother who my dad knew kept trying to get us to talk, but we were both too nervous. Towards the end of the night everyone was dancing and somehow we all got in a circle and everyone in the circle made it so Keegan and I were standing next to each other. Everyone in the circle was holding hands so we had to too; it was such an awkward moment! But we still never said a word to one another that night. The next day I get a text from Keegan apologizing about being so shy and from that moment on we never stopped talking. Just two weeks later Keegan asked me to date him and I have never been the rushing type, but I accepted and we have been inseparable ever since. We have definitely had our ups and downs and there were times I wanted to leave him and never come back, always over silly things though, he has never done anything too bad. I started college last year and I did not know how to deal with the change and became very depressed and was pretty mean to Keegan, not intentionally though. Keegan stuck through it though, he got fed up a few times but he always stuck it out. Then this summer Keegan decided to join the Marines. I was heart broken! I did not want him to go and I really did not think I could live the Marine life. But as of today Keegan is away at boot camp and I am pushing right along and I love what it has done for him and I both. The marines have made things better thus far. I just cannot wait to jump into his arms in November and I am hoping after all of his training he will propose so we can lose this boyfriend girlfriend title and I can be with my best friend forever. I love being a proud Marine girlfriend and I know I am going to love even more to be a Marine wife. All of you who are struggling just never let your praying knees get lazy, God will get you through this and things will be even better than you ever planned. If anyone wants to talk please hit me up! I love talking about all this stuff. Keep your chins up ladies, if our men can be brave enough to be marines then we have to be brave enough to stand beside them! Semper Fi :)
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Hey girl! I loved reading this story! It was so cute! My boyfriend is In bootcamp right now too! Only 24 more days! :) good luck with everything! My names Chrissy!

Wow 24 days, that sounds so awesome! We have 51 more days. It's nice to meet you Chrissy I wish you and your boyfriend the best.

Sweet story!! :) I am marrying my high school sweetheart too :) I hope Keegan does propose!! I'm Autumn, message me if you ever need to talk. Good luck with everything!

Glad to hear of someone who married their highschool sweetheart, I don't hear that to often. Thanks! You too!