Poem For Those Of You With Your Man In Boot Camp!

I went through old conversations I had with my boyfriend and realized I sent this to him and it is crazy how I am going through all this right now. So true <3 Thought the girl who have their man in boot camp or will have them in it soon would love this!

I feel like I’m in boot camp
Boot Camp for Marine Girlfriends
I’m learning how to become self sufficient
I’m learning my true feelings for my man
I’m learning how to sleep on my own
To not eat, to not sleep, to be deprived of what was “normal living” for me
I’m being questioned and learning how to answer the hardest ones of all.

How do you do it without him?
Why do you put yourself through this?
Why do you stay with him?
My love, my body, and my mind are going through rigorous training.

My heart will face a Crucible
In the end I will come out a Marine Girlfriend
One that knows her duties, commitment, and place in the Marine Corps.
I will learn how to engage in conversation with complete strangers.
I will learn to use and be patient with the United States Post Office.

I will learn how to train my mind, not to break down every second of the day
I will do all of this in 13 weeks, miles away from my man.
And on his graduation day, I too will have accomplished something.
I will have stood behind him and stood there for myself.
I will come out with honor, courage, sacrifice,
and above all commitment to my Marine.
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3 Responses Nov 13, 2012

I totally just teared up! I never knew really what I was getting into till I had to send him off, It seems like since he left things went crazy, My daughter is sick, my Grandmother was cariflighted to the hospital yesterday things I normally would fall on him an he was their, I'm learning that He is here just not in body, While I broke down yesterday I never knew the amount of comfort a pencil an paper would give me just to write him.. This is a Very good poem

Exactly how I'm feeling...totally made me tear up... My guy graduates from PI bootcamp dec 21... I can't wait

Awwww thats sooooo freaken trueee!!! It describes mee