Hi Lucky Ladies!

I am not the spouse of a marine in any form but really wanna be!!!

If you know any single marine guys send them my way!

I love American guys!

aliyah1981 aliyah1981
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If my man saw this he'd be pissed

Hot or not I don't think I could introduce anyone with that kind of statement to a Marine and not know the truth cuz honestly that sounded like a "tag chaser" kind of comment...

She definitely sounds like a tag chaser to me.


I don't honestly think she's serious. I think this is a very poor joke.

At least, that's what we're hoping

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If your looking to just get laid I may know a few. But anything serious I introduce to good woman. Not desperate ones.

i seriously hope you're kidding....

errr, cos theyre hot. duh :D

lol im really sorry to burst your bubble but that is NOT going to take you through a relationship with a marine.......

Oh God it's just a joke. Calm down.

they are though

^ i never said they werent hot lol.. but thats just a silly reason and girl i am calm this is nothing for me to trip about im just stating a fact to you :)

lol oh no I didn't mean that YOU meant they weren't haha I was just agreeing with her xD

Lol yeah i know i think uniformed men are hot forsure lol i was hoping that this wasnt her only rreason.

Maybe she'll let us know

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is there a specific reason you want an american guy, or a marine ....... ?