Let me give you some background story first. Me and my husband began dating the last weeks of senior year. I had made up my mind that i wanted to join the Marines. I talked to him about it and somehow he decided he wanted to go air force. But when he walked in with me to the marine office he decided that was the place for him. Long story short he was accepted and i wasn't. I had me reasons for wanting to join...but he never really said why he wanted to. For a while he's commented on how he cant wait to get out ( hes only.been in for 7months). And today he flat out said he regrets joining. His reasons being that a. He can't be with me & b.he could have just gone to school here. I don't know what to tell him. I know its hard being separated...but soon thatll be over. It pains me that he regrets doing this. And in some messed up way i wish we could change positions...i don't know what to tell him at this point other than itll all be worth it at the end of it all
violetviola violetviola
22-25, F
Nov 25, 2012