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As some of you know, Tyler is about to leave for bootcamp and I'm still having a hard time accepting it because I know that the moment he leaves things are gonna be really different and his life belongs to the corps so I'll only get to see him when he's allowed to instead of whenever I want. I love him more than anything. I see us working out. I think we love each other enough to make it and it , but he's been let down by everyone in his life and I feel like he tries to prepare himself for the worst and is so scared to grow apart. It makes me feel like he has no faith in our relationship. When he's at bootcamp for three months and I can't see him I can't feel like that because it'll drive me insane and the only thing that keeps me going when I think about that is thinking about how he said he's always going to love me. I'm not going to lie, I'm scared to death that we'll grow apart, but there's a bigger part of me that thinks we're going to make it. We've been through so much with each other. We've talked about marriage. I never understood why so many seniors at my high school were already getting married and all of them were marrying men in the military. No, I'm not still in high school, but I really do understand everything now. Does anybody else's boyfriends act like this and act scared about growing apart when they left?
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I remember going through my first deployment with AJ I wont lie because it was one of scariest moment of my life and really being scared is totally normal. Remember that in boot camp they probably the safest they will ever be for however long they are enlisted for. Another thing you need to know is you are his distraction for what he's about to go through just the mere thought of a letter from you is like a gift from god - no really letters are going to to pull him and you through it all i understand you worried about your relationship and it's completely understandable however boot camp put things into perspective when AJ was in boot camp it was the beginning of us as a couple. it takes you back and reminds you both of stuff that is very easily forgotten back to your roots and back to who you are as a person and a couple. try be positive i'd say speak to him normally they feel exactly the same but the only thing you can do is reassure each other stay as positive as what you possibly can and just support him with everything you have - Good luck

Don't be scared! I know that's easy to say but honestly I think you will be what gets him through boot. It's hard for them to leave everything familiar behind and if you write all the time, even if he can't get them right away, he'll know you're still there for him waiting for him to come back. Sounds like you've got a lot of faith in this relationship so don't give up! Stay busy while he's gone and it'll help so much. Good luck!!!

Thank you that story really touched me and I truly touched me. I really hope and do believe that we're going to get through this. It's just all the stories I hear that scare me. Again, thank you.

I had the same feeling when Nikko left to bootcamp. I was so worried that things would be different....and to be completely honest, when he came back he did act a bit strange. I guess it was just his way of getting used to me again after being away for so long. But after the second day everything went back to normal and things were great. While he was away it felt like we were closer. He was so sweet in his letters and i waited for the mail man EVERY day for a letter from him. And each time i got a letter, i was excited like a child on Christmas day! Him being away will bring you closer. Just make sure you let him know how proud you are of him and tell him how brave he is, let him know that you will be by his side always. Nikko told me he heard so many bad stories about wife's/girlfriends that these Marines were with..but at the end of every day he knew i was not the same. And i knew as long as i made sure he was confident in our relationship, that he would feel secure. So i did all i had to do to make him feel this way. I wrote him EVERY SINGLE DAY and sent him many pictures of me. I kissed the letters with lipstick and sprayed perfume over them so he could feel a part of me was there with him. When i met his friends over his 96 for Thanksgiving they told me they heard a LOT about me in bootcamp which made me feel pretty good. When Nikko came home after graduating, We got married (: Things are great. As long as you stay positive and confident in you relationship, things will work out for the best, don't worry.

Every time you get to finally see each other, it will be like falling in love all over again. Him being away will make each of you cherish every minute spent together. Being a Marine Girlfriend/Spouse is amazing.

If you have any questions or need someone to talk to, feel free to shoot me a message.

Semper Fi :)

Yes! exactly what violetviola said, they will tell him soooo many negative things about having a girlfriend and how relationships dont work out and stuff. But before he leaves have a conversation with him reassure him of everything about yall tell him you want him to remember all the good stuff and keep planning a future. It's the reassurance from you that will get him through those crappy times with his instructors. He may worry about stuff but that doesn't mean he's gonna give up on yall being together it just means he needs to be reassured.

not to be negative but it only gets harder the longer hes in. The instructors will tell them stories of girls leaving them and messing them up. They tell them alot of messed up things and try and get into their heads. Hes going to have to separate your relationship from those stories You have to remind him of all the great things about your relationship that none else has especially those guys! And that at the end of the day you'll always be there for him. This life isn't easy on relationships and it only gets harder but with trust and communication it does get better