I Am The Girlfriend Of A Future Marine.

Hello, My name is Erin. My Boyfriends name is James. He wants too join the marines right after high school which he'll be 18 so 2 more years. He wants too get married before he even enlists. We both think its a good idea we haven't told anyone yet. We just want too be happy. I'm extremely scared but he says everything is going to work out. So I need advice !
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Welcome to the site, it is amazing and extremely helpful! :) Getting married before he joins is a great idea if your both in it for the long run, you seem to be very happy and I think you sound like your emotionally strong! It definately takes a strong women to stand behind her man in the Marines! I wish you and your man the best of luck, keep us all updated we are here to listen and help with any questions! Definately look into the Marine Corp so you have an idea what to expect, this site was a great place to start!!! :)

Thank you so much ! You all don't know how much this really means too me! I have been stressing alot cause I've had so much on my plate lately School trying to learn how to drive learning too cook babysitting trying to get a job and now I received this news on thanksgiving ! But I'm sucking it all up because I know in the end it's all worth it !:)

We are all here to help, we love interacting with new members! We have all been in your place before, maybe not quite as young, but some have, for your age you seem to have a pretty good head on your shoulders and that is great! like I said before you seem to be a very strong girl and i think you will make an amazing Marine Wife! Its a lot to take in at first but your lucky you have some time to learn all there is to know about the Corps before you actually send your man off! My best piece of advice is to just cherish all the time you have together before then and don't take a single moment for granted!
Semper Fi <3

Awh thanks ! This is truly amazing to have people like y'all in my life too help me through this !(: we are planning on getting married in the church we go too because we've made a church family there it's truly amazing too have him back in my life we grow stronger everyday ! In about 2 months an 3 weeks ill be graduated early from high school!(;

Congrats girl, thats awesome! :)

Thanks love!(;

Your very welcome, keep me updated if you have any questions! :)

awh thanks love !(:

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I agree, tell your parents and talk to them...even if they don't approve they will come to understand and they will be much more understanding if they know! Sounds like you have some time before he joins so just read up on what the Marines are all about. This is a great site and it will help so much with all the support you need! I'm happy you joined!

Thank you so much! And him and I both agreed too talk too his mom first !(:

It will all work out for you :)

Thank you ! (: <3

It's a great thing that he wants to marry you, meaning he wants you around for the rest of his life. My husband also was talking about marraige before he became a Marine. And now were married just 9 months after we got together (: me and Nikko got married and didn't tell our parents..big mistake. Make sure your parents are well aware before. He seems like a good guy..I wish you the best and i hope it all works out :) being married means you will be able to live with him when he gets stationed As well :)

Thank you so much ! <3 I honestly hope me and you can become friends ! Cause this is by far the best advice I've gotten ! :)

Awe of course, it's my pleasure. I love this site cause you meet so much people you can connect with (:

keep in touch!
Semper Fi

I will keep in touch ! I'm glad because I don't have many friends !

Well, Consider me your newest friend :)

Yay!(: lol I have 4 friends now ! I chose them wisely ! :)

Lol same here :)

It's so hard to find real friends these day

That is definitely true

So true lol

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