Recap; Graduation and Thanksgiving 96 Hour Leave. Married!

I wasn't able to make it to Nikko's bootcamp Graduation, unfortunately. Hurricane Sandy hit just two days before i was suppose to take off and i was worried and so stressed out that i wouldn't make it. It wasn't only the weather, but the money. The trip was going to be super expensive but i was willing to do any and everything in my will to make it. Until the night before....

I got a phone call and the phone number was different...

it was him! ^.^

He told me that hurricane Sandy had hit in South Carolina as well and multiple families were calling from NY/NJ/Boston and telling their Marines they weren't going to be able to make it because of delayed/canceled flights and buses. He told me he would rather me not come in this type of weather condition and after insisting i had to find a way there, i of course stayed home to be safe and seen him when he returned home for his 10 day leave (: I spent about 8 out of those 10 days with him and well, now, I'm Married!

Yes! I'm married as of 11/09/2012, i'm finally the wife of this amazing man and i couldn't be happier.

The time came, and he had to leave once again, this time for SOI. I hated to see him go, but i know in time i will get better and stronger at these "See you Later's" . I knew it wouldn't be so bad the second time around because he is now able to use his cell phone, which is great! He is only suppose to use it during the weekends, but he talks to me as much as possible, depending on how tired he is.

When he got to the base, he told me that they were going to start training until all the others got back. Some Marines were still back at home Recruiting. So he was able to speak to me every day!

Then one day he texted me and told me that he had a 96 hour leave for Thanksgiving and i was hoping he would come back home, but he couldn't, the Marines weren't aren't allowed to go further than a certain amount of miles and well, home was 750 miles away. Instead he flew me to him FIRST CLASS for his 96 !!

We spent 4 nights in a hotel and we had a great time, it was wonderful seeing him again. And i cant wait to see him for another 10 days during Christmas!

Just a few weeks until i'm in my Husbands arms again.

Semper Fi ladies (:
Feel free to ask me ANYTHING, i'd love to hear about how you all are doing as well. And remember, stay positive, stay strong.

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Congrats honey!!!. I wish you both a happy, healthy, and beautiful life together. You both are so lucky to have one another!. :) it sounds like you had a fantastic time with your hubby. My Marine love and I got married too!. 11/29/2012 :,)) it's the greatest feeling. Have a magical Christmas with your love girlie!.

Semper Fi <3

wow congrats i'm so happy for you with everything you've been VERY busy lol!!

Yes, very busy! lol but it's been amazing.
Thanks sweetie and i hope things are going great for you !

Semper Fi

You're so lucky, I'm still waiting for that big question.
I've been through bootcamp and all the training and we're going through our first deployment together now, and he comes home in five months and deploys again soon after and he says hes going to ask me as soon as he comes back but im afraid we wont have enough time to pull it all together before he leaves again. I miss him so much,
:( Sometime's it feels like this is harder than it should be. but im not alone :) good luck & congratulations. !

Don't worry, i'm sure everything will work out just fine in the end (:

And i completely agree with you. It can be super hard at times but knowing i'm not the only one going through it gives me strength.

Thanks so much and i wish you the best, hope everything goes as planned! :) Stay Strong!

I'm so happy you are finally getting to be with him! Sounds like you had a great time. Congrats on getting married and best of luck to you two!

We did have a great time,
thank you so much (: same to you and your Marine! (:

How was it when he left for bootcamp?? How did you feel?? How hard was it??

When he left it was really hard the first few weeks but it became easier overtime. He wrote me as much as possible. Till this day there's just those nights where I randomly cry cause I miss him and want to talk to him but it makes me stronger as time progresses. It took about two weeks for me to get my first letter while in boot. When they first get there they have a lot of free time the first few weeks. But after that I got a letter every other day ..sometimes two days in a row. After the first two weeks they're worked like crazy and are super exhausted. So if he takes a little while to reply to your letter don't freak out like I did lol he's probably just catching up on some sleep. Just always remember to be supportive and tell him how good he's doing. Find something to keep yourself busy so you don't find yourself thinking about it as much.

Thank you so much ! &amp;&amp;' congrats !

No problem and thank you :)

You are welcome !(: I have my story posted as well :) lol

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Congrats! Sounds like you had an amazing boot leave and 96. Have a blessed marriage!

It was great. Thank you so much :)