I Just Want Him Here. (i Curse One Time Btw)

I don't have anything special to say. No words of wisdom, no sweet quote that'll bring tears to our eyes.
All I have to say is I miss my marine..
I miss him so much today, and I'm not really sure why. Today is of no importance to me.
Just seems like everything I see or hear makes me think of him and makes me want to cry..
I'll get to see him in 24 days, and he'll be home for Christmas-so I shoudn't be complaining..I should be so happy right now..
I know there are wives and fiances and girlfriends who would love to have their man home for the holidays.
But I have been so stressed lately between school and moving home and my parents.. And Chris has been so busy the last couple weeks we've not been able to talk, if at all.
I talk to my roommates about this stuff, but I feel like I annoy them..
Therefore I turn here, somewhere I feel safe to complain even though I know there are people who are worse off than me when it comes to their men.. Which in return makes me feel bad for bitching.. Excuse my language.
But, I suppose everyone deserves a moment to vent and complain..Don't we?
And on top of everything..we're now into single digits for months left until he deploys. I'm not talking 9,8, or 7 months... I'm talking 5,4, or 3 months..
It's our first deployment together-his second one.
He's going to miss everything..Our one year, his birthday, my birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas..
I just needed to get all this out there and off my chest. I feel a tad better..but I still miss him, and I'm still sad.
Semper Fi <3
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Hang in there sweety if anyone can do this its you and we all here to listen - hugs lots and lots of them!!

Thank you!

I'm in the middle of my first deployment with my marine now.
He won't be here for christmas, wasn't for thanksgiving, won't be for our 2 year anniversary.
He come's home in a little over 5 months.
You are super lucky you get to see yours in less than a month.
I have to stay up till halfway through the night just to get that goodmorning text from my marine, It's a 12 hour time difference. But i do it anyways.
Good luck with everything!

I'll be in your situation soon enough.. =/ But, thank you! And good luck with everything for you too!!

I feel ya girl, I dont even know yet if my Marine gets to come home for the holidays but I am praying he does! Its so hard the closer it gets because the days seem to get longer and longer!!! Just try and stay strong! Feel free to vent we are here to listen and do what we can to help eachother stay positive and strong! Keep us posted! :)

I pray he does as well!! It's terrible..I'm so miserable at college right now. I don't want to be here..I'd rather be anywhere but here. And not seeing him or talking to him adds to everything.. I'm usually just fine, but here lately I've not been able to handle it like I usually do..

I have also recently found college tough, I just want to be done and be with him even though right now I know thats not an option!

Well I'm moving home after this semester is over-which is only two and a half more weeks-because I don't think I can handle being away from home and dealing with college and him being deployed. So, I'm moving home soon

I'm right there with ya girl. The stress of school and being home with family just causes those days where all we want is them. 24 days may seem like they're dragging but hang in there he'll be home soon. And after the visit when you think of deployment remember the sooner he leaves the sooner he comes back. Think positive as much as possible and never hesitate to vent to all of us! You're a strong girl and we're here for you

Thank you:) And yea, the stress is awful.. I'm actually transferring to a community college back home after this semester because I can't handle everything all at once, and be alone! But, his deployment keeps getting moved around from one date to another. And one minute it's shortened, the next thing I know they're adding a couple months to it. Then they take it away and make it short again.. The back and forth is killing me..

My take on all this deployment stuff is always hope for the best but expect the worst. Like they keep changin his return date right now and im expecting February but hoping it ends up goin back to the beginning of January when they were supposed to come back. our jokes before he left about see ya in February are suddenly no longer funny lol. Ya just gotta remember the corps will change plans a million times just to end up somewhere close to the starting plan its so frustrating but with time you get so used to it its like oh, yeah I expected somethin like that.

Hopefully I get used to it sooner than later!! And awe yea =/ Well, fingers crossed he gets back in January!!! This deployment has been changed so many times..I've literally lost count. I just hope it doesn't get any longer!

I'll be hopin for a short one for you!


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Aw stay strong girl!! Make the most out of it when he does come!! Take lots of pictures and give eachother lots of hugs and kisses haha. But yeah enjoy you're man, only 24 days, thats nothing although yes the closer it becomes the longer the days can seem lol. You got this though.
As for deployment, my best advice is keep busy, there will be days you just want to cry, see sad movies and eat ice cream, and thats okay you're allowed to that, just get back up the next day even stronger:) no one said this was easy but they are worth it<3
Always think postive bc it could always be worse, I won't see my Marine till a year and a half but I am soo happy for you that you will get to see him soon:)
Best Wishes!!

By the time I get to see him again, it'll be only about two months since the last time we were together-therefore I feel I have no right to complan lol I've went longer than this without seeing him, and I did just fine. But this time it just seems with everything going on, I miss him so much more and want him here more now than ever..and it seems soo much longer since the last time I saw him! And when he deploys...well I'll cross that bridge when it gets here..as of right now I just want to pretend he isn't. And I know it could be worse, that's why I feel bad for whining