2 Weeks Since He Has Been Gone..

2 weeks have passed now and I did not have the exact words to express my feelings, only tears. I miss him so much its even harder than the first time. I visited him at base for Liberty the first weekend and it helped me a little but I haven't heard from him since then.. I have so much stress because of college and not hearing from him is not helping. I even called him because I thought he was going to pick me up from college I walked towards the picking up area and like minutes later it clicked he was not going to pick me up, one of those moments were reality hits you. I am trying to stay strong because he asked me to but sometimes I can't help it. As we were coming back from base he calls his sister and asks her if I am crying, he knows me so well but not that time I did not cry. He then asked to talk to me just to hear my voice because he knows by the tone of my voice if I am good or not... that is that..

now to the part that is getting to me the most him leaving to his mos all the way across the US... I live CA so that's a far distance I am trying to stay positive about the whole thing but its hard. I hope he gets leave for Christmas before he goes to his mos I want to spend time with him even if its a day..

I feel that I have so much to say to him that when the moment comes I am going to have to take in and swallow all I have to say because I don't want him to worry about me when he leaves to his mos..

sorry I just went all over.. I am just blue at the moment...

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1 Response Nov 27, 2012

Hey the first couple days after see you laters are always tough really i once made coffee for an absent AJ only to realize he wasnt there and the whole day turned crap go with it cry if want take a down day get ice cream and chocolate and mope if you have it doesnt say anything about you as person you'll bounce back really fast - remember one day at a time and you'll be fine in no time hang in there!!