I'm New At This

Exactly what the title says, my marine literally just left yesterday for boot camp, he is in San Diego. It's been two days and so far I'm actually holding up pretty well. I guess that's cause it hit me the weekend before he left and I balked my eyes out then. I've been preparing for this since he swore in in march and within those months I have completely fallen in love with that fact that he's going to be a marine, I love everything about it. That panty dropping uniform, the training, the hair cut, but most of all I'm so excited proud and happy all because he is... Unfortunatly the count down just begun and our 1 year is this Saturday but I've got so much faith and confidence in our love that I know we can get through this .. I'm just ready to get that first letter and I pray to God he's still the guy I fell in love with
Kaymartin79 Kaymartin79
1 Response Nov 27, 2012

Hey i'm Storm and AJ is my husband we got married in August this year and have been friends for as long as i can remember!! the first month isnt going to be easy because you have to adjust to him not being there however getting the first letter changes everything stay positive like you are and you'll be fine - welcome!!