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I’ve mentioned before that AJ isn’t an emotional person and when he is it normally leads to some of the best memories ever not only that I feel like I actually have to do the happy dance and shout it from roof tops because they really are shoot for the star moments.
In my last post I said my thanksgiving was already magical which was true and only because AJ was home in all the time we’ve been together not once have we had a thanksgiving or Christmas together so in saying it was special I entirely meant it by him being here what I never realized was how magical it was about to get lol can you believe I haven’t even started telling you and I’m already crying‼
Normally our thanksgivings are the whole weekend of giving back I remember growing up and my mom dragging us to soup kitchens to dish out food she always used to tell us that by giving back to people more needy than us on thanksgiving was our way of truly giving thanks. I thought she was insane then now I realize why I still do it and try and do more than just on thanksgiving or on Christmas. This year however my old boss from the hospital called me and asked whether we’d like to help out in the children’s ward I immediately jumped at the opportunity told the family and they all agreed. So we went on to the children’s ward and did our thing on our way home in the car AJ put his hand on mine and told me how he would never regret our decision about adoption and how he could have taken every single one of those kids home with him I was pretty much feeling the same then he said it’ll happen when we both ready I look at him and asked are you ready now he laughed and said not even close he wanted more me and Ziggy time. I was a bit shocked I mean not that he’s not ready now and trust me I’m not either not even close but more in what he said because its just nice to hear every once in while.
At work, if you don’t know this yet I work in the military hospital, we have a thanksgiving party. This year I convinced my whole family to go giving them the guilt trip of how if the military was a band of brothers they all had brothers in hospital I think they all pretty set to already go but when the words came out my mouth I got high fives from Aaron, Jas and AJ and my dad laughed and muttered something about raising devil spawn lol‼ It’s not the first time AJ’s been to the hospital and met with patients so he’s pretty used to everything by now it’s a bit shocking. In the middle of the party AJ pulled me outside and said he was in main ward and they were giving him **** I said they do that they give me **** all the time he laughed because he knows this I asked about what and he said you and I said you know half the stuff that comes out their mouths is crap and he said so it’s crap about how through this last deployment you lost your mind and that no matter how bad things got you remained positive and told them that no matter what happened over there you’d always be there for me I was like ok maybe that’s true so he laughed then said thank you I asked for what and he said for being me for being everything he could never be and doing everything I possible could to make sure he got home alright I looked at him and he said I know you do it because you have to but you don’t, you do it because you want to and that’s why I love you. he then told me that every second of every day I wasn’t with him I was on his mind he missed me when I was asleep that’s how bad it was he then went into to how through his whole life he was told to do certain things now he was ordered but everything that happened with us was our doing our own free will and for that he would always be grateful to have me in his life and know that I just an arms length away he thanked me for everything under sun and seriously by the time he was done I was bawling he then said why you crying and I’m like they happy tears and he said are you happy Storm really happy and said with out doubt none of it matters the time apart the deployments any of it what matters is you come home you always come home and he said you are home which started a second wave of tears he laughed then said ok enough of all this emotion it’s making me restless then put his arm around me and we sat on those steps for nearly an hour saying nothing eventually he got up and pulled with him and said I love you more than anything in this world you’ve got know that I said I did he said good then we went back inside. It didn’t end there the whole weekend even now I get little bits of thanks eventually yesterday morning after he made breakfast in bed I asked what was up and not because I wasn’t enjoying being spoilt I just knew that everytime he started spoiling it would be backed up with words I’m being deployed or I’m going on mission he laughed and said you’ve led a military life for way too long you just deserve a little loving lol so I’m rolling with it however I do know he’s up to something what I’m not sure yet but I’ll find out soon‼
Hope you all good‼
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Aww I finally got back to reading all your stories I missed...I'm totally crying happy tears for you :-)
So sweet and I love that he thought enough to know you needed that thanks.

This is really cute! Moments like those are what reminds us why we stuck by them. Enjoy the spoiling while you have it!!

aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! lol i am smiling at my computer screen looking like a complete dummy at work haha i almost cried!!! i am so happy for you :)