Thank You!

Thank you ladies! I definitely let him know i was upset last night and told him how i felt. yeah it was pretty awkward but we never go to bed without talking about our problems first. We got alot of things straightened out and he knows never to do anything like that again. He showed me he really cares and hes really sorry. Its hard getting our men to come out and be emotional and he was able to show that side to me last night. thank you again! i felt silly for being angry but you guys reassured me that it was ok to be upset at him. Communication is something that we are working on right now :)
violetviola violetviola
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2 Responses Nov 28, 2012

I'm glad you both spoke about it and sorted it out and i'm really glad you both communicating with each it really is the key - hope it just gets better for you both from now on!!

good!! im glad :) Its def ok to be angry but thats why i say take a min out to think about why your actually angry, and you realized it was more being hurt that he invaded yur privacy then actually being angry. Im glad you guys worked it outt :))

Me too! thanks this is the only place i feel like i can actually talk to you ladies and actually get a positive response