Lost In The Mail

So this story has nothing to do with me and my Marine...but I have to complain...but cause this really hurts...So here is my rant.

For graduation form college my mom wanted to get me some very big gifts since I am the first from her side of the family to get a degree...it was a big deal to her. So she went all out and tried to get me some very big meaningful gifts. The first gift was a trip to China were we ran the Great Wall Marathon...My first Marathon ever...it was a blast...The second gift was taking all my jerseys and making them into a quilt...This was a big thing..I had a lot of jerseys. I had been a multiple sport athlete all my life...I had the jersey from my very first soccer club team...all the way up to my college soccer and softball jersey..with some basketball, volleyball and other sports that I did through the years..Well anyway I had yet to get that gift cause my mom sent it late...and I finally saw a picture of it...and it looked really cool.

Well last night my mom calls me and says she has some good new and bad news...I of course say bad news first. That quilt with all my jersey was lost in the mail.She tells me the good new is the lady has a picture of the quilt and all my jerseys so she will remake it using pictures. But its just not the same to me. I almost want to be like I don't want it. This quilt will just be a reminder that the really thing is lost..after I worked so hard to keep all those jerseys together through all my moves and stuff...and those jerseys had so many stories attached to them and people.... I am not sure if anyone gets this but sports was my life growing up there was no boyfriends...no social life...my teams were my family...and they helped me through some very dark parts of my life...and now I feel like when I get that blanket...it will mean nothing to me...and it won't be the same...the jersey that are suppose to feel like silk wont, the jerseys that are suppose to me mesh...or have a tear in them wont...There will be no dirt, grass,mud, blood stains...

Well thats my rant like I said I am not sure if any of you will get this like that fact that just writing this has brought tears to my eyes...but I needed to get it all out....
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2 Responses Nov 28, 2012

I get i'm so sorry and i'm actually not sure what to say to make it feel better i really hope they find it - holding thumbs for you and hope you feel better!!

I was never big on sports but i def know what it feels like to have something you really cherish to get destroyed or tampered with! I use to collect dolls when i was younger, it started with glass dolls because of my cousins fr new zealand bought me one and im really close with my fam there, eventually i moved on to expensive barbie dolls and it became like a thing my mom did with me; collecting barbie dolls. I always wanted to play with them but i never did because i loved them too much. Anyways my older cousin came over one night i was like 17 so i had these dolls (still do) for like 10 years, she drank a little too much and ripped one box open thinking she would put it back after. Needless to say i wanted to beat the pulp out of her. Its not what it was its what it meant. I think anyone who has lost or had something important to them taken away can understand where your coming from. But just remember the jerseys are gone yes but the memories you have while wearing each jersey is what is important. It may not seem like that right now and thats okay but eventually wen your not so upset it will make sense :) I hope you feel better and im sorry that happend!