i get on here everyday.... and i read all your stories so i havnt dispeared!! i just dont post as often as i probably should lol. Alex and i try to skype once everyday and its amazing.! before we started dating i was the one who put in all the effort. i messaged him first, i i had to always be the one to ask to skype but now it the opposite. i had a choir things that i forgot to tell him about.. but he still contacted someone here to pick up some flowers and deliver them to me after my concert.. the next day was the day before thanksgiving and he had already planned to send me flowers.. i got a knock on my door and there was a HUGE bouque of flowers with a sweet note and a box of chocolate AND Lavender bath salts, lostion, and body gel.. HE IS REALLY ALL THAT AND A BAG OF CHIPS. last night we were skying.. i dont know if any of you know, but i live in washington. The city of seatlle is only like a 40 min drive from me and, well i dont know if any of you know what the space needle is but its amazing!! you should google it if you dont know. BUT he mad reservations for us to eat dinner there on christmas eve!!!! hes gonna wear his blues and im gonna get all dressed up too. i mean this place is like the top of the line restraunt! its prices are outrageous and i was sooooo surprised when he tols me.. im SOOOOO excited, after that dinner we are going to his grammy's (thats what he calls his grandma, sooo cutee) house so i cant meet his extended family which im sups nervous about but really excited!!
that was a long ramble.. thanks for reading.. hope all is well with you ladies!!
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Aw I'm so happy for you!!

Sounds like you are really happy! I really enjoyed reading your story... I can't wait till my man completes boot camp so that I can receive those little surprises he is known for.