Finally Met My Marine He Graduated With Honors!!!!

Hi all

There is so long I don´t write here but I had been bussy, well I got my turist visa but I couldn´t be with him at his graduation, as we couldn´t comunicate, I got the next letter one week afther graduation, but I readed on his moms facebook he was going to graduate with honors, and he called me once he could. He told me he was being bussy cause his family was there and that we couldn´t met this time, so we was talking on skype daily and then one of that nights I told him why don´t you come just now just tonight, and he told me wait, I asked what are you doing? and he answered looking for a flight for you, and next day he sent me the ticket and next morning I was fliying to NY to met him at the airport, I arrived he was there and was wonderful amazing to see him again, you know what I mean :) So we drived to Connecticut and spent 4 days togheter, was perfect and I met all his family, the day I came back to Mexico, he started the week when they must work at an office, so we could talk by skype another week, till he left for Combat trainning.

I miss him again so much but this time I just have to wait 29 days well is already 10 days now since he left, once back at homme I moved from my hometown to Cancun, is such a paradise, now I´m bussy looking for a job and an appartment, he told me he´ll ask for some days off and come to see me on december, is not sure but if he does will be perfect. Also he told me if he can´t come then I´ll go see him in Japan wich is also fine but I would rather prefer he comes and see my country.

It dosen´t mather where as soon as we can met up again soon.

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Aw yay i'm glad you saw him and congrats on everything!!