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Ok ladies I have a random question which most if you will be able to answer. Ryan has about a little more than a month left of his deployment and now he's super busy everyday so it's harder to get a chance to talk to him but the brief hi makes it all worth it. What I'm wondering is do they tend to work them harder as they near the end of deployment or is it just like before when he's be really busy then not so busy? My best friend and her hubby said he's going to be alot busier because he's get closer to the end but i don't know.
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I do know that they talk less, im not sure if they give them more work but they just have less time to use the phone or computers. Dont worry only a month ish leftt :D:D:D

I know when AJ's nears the end of his deployments when i stop hearing from him because he goes on more mission which seem to last forever it kind of feels like the beginning of deployments whether they work them harder i'm not sure its more like a 'hand over' they've been their the longest they know the lay of the land and what to expect and pass that information on to the next people it also depends on rank.

Well I know he's in Japan, but not sure what he does and he's a lance corporal that I know. But he did text me the other day when I asked him it he was mad at me and he said no just super busy. So maybe they are making him work more I just don't know

The only thing you can do is just go with it there's a lot of stress that goes on and really i back right off when AJ's about to leave or come home because he is a lot moodier and more for me than him lol hang in there he'll be home soon you nearly done!!