Hey girls,
I’m going through a bit of thing it was my dads birthday yesterday but in the middle of the night I got a call from my mom saying he couldn’t breath I told her to take him to the hospital and AJ and I got there pretty much at the same time they did. They don’t know what’s wrong with him he’s been sick for a while before my wedding and every time I happened to broach the subject he brushed me off by saying I don’t get sick Storm I just have lay ins and I kept saying well frigging LAY IN‼ To be honest I actually cannot remember a period he really was sick seeing him in hospital bed hit home hard I’ve always seen my dad as untouchable this reliable force that’s immovable – it kind of rattled those foundations. I happen to be chart snooping and taking his blood pressure every five minutes and checking his vitals when took hold of my stethoscope and said Storm quit being the Doctor for five minutes and be my baby girl I lay down next to him and put my head on his chest. When I was younger I always used to jump into bed with him and listen to his heart and breathing only to make sure he was really alive then would eventually fall asleep just like that – I do it with AJ now and its still the calming thing in the world nothing puts me to sleep faster.. Then AJ walked in with coffee I climbed off the bed sat down and AJ took my hand in his he squeezed it he hasn’t left my side since dads been in hospital. In fact right now he’s lying on the couch behind me playing with my hair‼ Watching my parents got me thinking about AJ and I all over again
Loving AJ came out of nowhere when I say no where I mean I was in the middle of an anatomy final labeling lymph nodes when suddenly I was like omg I have a crush on my best friend – lymph nodes made me realize this and trust me it gets better AJ realized this at target practice‼ target practice and lymph nodes aside I realized that on many occasions I’ve stayed up all night or thought about something to say grab a pen and written to him I’ve never been able to figure us out it like this unbreakable code and when people ask I get annoyed because I don’t have an answer. I was watching my parents today they’ve been married since they were 21 its nearly 40 years of being together what’s always amazed me is they not that old married couple we think about they still madly in love with each other almost like they just met. AJ and I have just started our lives together and I wont lie I still feel as though I’m just getting to know him properly because at every turn he surprises me with something new.
Of the 40 years my parents have been together I know it hasn’t been easy on either of them I know at times they’ve hated each other and had massive fights but they’ve always believed in each other and found their way back together. Yes it’s an old love but I recently Sam and I got my mom speaking about dad – ok we were all a little tipsy and were pouring our hearts out lol it was our day off‼ - she told us that still today when he smiles at her she still gets butterflies in her stomach and how the little things like him just walking into room make her knees weak still happens everyday. With that in mind when I was obsessing over dad yesterday I was watching them and it struck love is not pretty it never really is especially when you love so much that ugly in a relationship almost makes that relationship perfect.
I’ve always looked to my parents for advice especially in a relationship since they my proof that military relationships can actually work I remember my dad saying to me right in the very beginning of mine and AJ’s relationship ‘think carefully girly love isn’t all its made out to be its not that story or poem or song in fact its nasty, salty and smelly armpits especially when that armpit is deployed’ my reply was dad I really don’t give a rats *** I know it wont be easy and I know its not ideal but I love and trust that armpit and scary as it is to say that I’ll never regret that he smiled patted my arm and said it’s all down hill from here baby girl and we’ll always be here for you‼ From that day on AJ and I progressed got stronger and inevitably loved each other harder and I say harder because right now it just seems to fit. I never wanted to be in love with a marine or any other military person I never wanted to get married to one either and yet I did and it’s one of the most fulfilling things I’ve ever done to this day I will ALWAYS be grateful to lymph nodes and target practice because I fell in love with an armpit and I don’t care because he still takes my breath away and still leaves me speechless and knows me better than ever before and I could never be more grateful for having someone that just looks at me and I know everything will be alright‼
Wow ramble done besides I’m falling asleep the hair playing is doing nasty things to my eyes lol‼
Have a good day‼
Storm25 Storm25
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Hope your dad starts feeling better!! Those stubborn men never go to the dr when something is wrong. Lol. But I am prayin for y'all! And thanks for sharing. You need to write a romance novel about your life. It's 10000 times better than any love story already made. And would prob show the world what it's like to really be in a military relationship!

I loved your story! So sweet and precious!!! :)

hahahaha awee im glad you found an armpit to love :P Thats funny but soo truee, when my friends first found out i was dating a marine their like awwww its like dear jonh... and i replied uhhh no lol its the exact opposite, cause what they dont show you in movies is the struggle to get up everyday when hes gone, they dont tell you about that knot you get the second he leaves and doesnt go away until hes back, and they DEF dont tell you about the roller coaster of emotions you get, but i hope one day i can find someone that will give me butterflies even after 40 years of marriage :)

You will I'm sure of it!! you are right its definitely not a peaches and cream relationship but of everything we go through totally worth it!!