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Hi ladies! It's been a while! I'm Jordan. I posted a lot at the beginning of the year when Ian left for boot camp. He graduated in May! Recently, Ian and I got married and I moved to Camp Pendleton about 2 weeks ago. Now he's out training for the next few weeks and I am looking for things to do! Is anyone else out here too? I would love someone to chat with! I live in San Clemente, very close to the north gate. I'm going a little crazy in the apartment by myself. I don't know anyone in California except Ian and he isn't exactly available right now!

I'll never understand why they needed a super long training session right before Christmas. Oh well! I've discovered I will never understand the Marine Corps.
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Congrats on everything i'm really happy for you!!

I love in Cali but about 2 1/2 hours north of you