I Am Getting Married .

My bf want to get married in the next year or so .But he be station out of state 5 hrs away .I know I will only get to see him if he take leave time.What I am courious about is when I ssstart planning for the wedding how are we going to have pratices for the wedding like walking down the aisle.How are we going to have the wedding rehearsal and everything if he not home and stuff .
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lol we didnt have a rehearsal wow. it's harder because he isnt there when i was planning AJ was deployed however i found he was more than willing to put in an input he even at one took over - it works out you what you both like and dont like do little things first and build on from there

Most people only rehearse the night/day before the wedding, i would assume he would have to take leave for that unless you do a Sunday wedding and he comes for the weekend and u rehearse Saturday if he won't be taking leave at all?

Dont u have to rehhearse like a couple times .we figure it out .but thanks .

You have a rehearsal the day before and you run throught it a few time at the rehearsal that day before