Halfway There :)

We are halfway there. My boyfriend has been in bootcamp for about 45 days now (this would be the 46th day) and he has 43 days till he comes home. Halfway there - actually less than halfway :)

I like the sound of 43 days. It sounds like music to my ears when compared to 89 days. Thats 6 weeks and 1 day! Its amazing. Time has managed to fly by at a snail's pace. Does that make any sense? I feel amazed at the fact that he's been gone for more than 6 weeks but at the same time, has it only been 6 weeks? I feel like I haven't seen him in months!

I will admit the first few weeks were the hardest weeks of my life. Non-stop crying and weeping, surrounded by people who just don't understand or pretend to understand. It really isn't the same thing. I love them but they can't fill the void, especially since that was the time when all of them decided to get boyfriends and girlfriends. It sucked. Always walking behind them all as they walk hand in hand all snuggled up against each other, trying to keep each other warm. It's hard. I look to my right hoping to find him there but he isn't. As my friends are all happily walking in front of me with their newfound love I'm shuffling behind them, trying to imagine what he would be doing with me right now - probably making faces trying to get me to laugh.

This transition was - and still is - hard. The transition to my new normal. My new normal being a life without him physically by my side. I know he's still with me if not physically then mentally, in spirit. My new normal is a much more subdued life, there is less laughter, less fun, less of him in it.

I miss him. Sometimes I can deal with it but other times I'm crying my eyes out in my bedroom. What really helps are the letters he sends me, letting me know he's ok, that he cares about me and that this is just a short term thing. Four years from now we can live our own lives. And knowing that we're halfway done with one of the most difficult, testing and challenging times of our relationship just makes this so much better. After this he'll be home for a bittersweet 10 days.

43 days. 6 weeks and 1 day. One month and 13 days. However which way you want to say it. We're more than halfway to seeing each other.

I can't wait to see him, hug him, kiss him. Everything. I'll probably be crying in his arms the first time I get to hug him. We're halfway there :)
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When i was reading the part about being with your friends while they are with their significant others I felt sad for you because i use to be that girl too. But then i remembered what always helped me stand taller then all of them put together, just remind yourself if he COULD be there he would, and that what hes doing is bigger then anything you could think of, and when he is done he will come back to you a better, more proud, man. :)