New To This.

Hi everyone... I'm new to this so it's a little weird for me to be putting my feelings out ther pe for all of you to read. I am the girlfriend of a united states Marine! I have never dated anyone in the military. So everything is new to me. I met Josh when we were in the 3rd and 4th grade and we were the best of friends till about 8th grade when we went to different high schools and lost touch. Then when I was in the 10th grade we started taking and dated a month or so. He was my first real boyfriend and the first person to tell me they loved me. We lost touch again then about a year ago he messages me on Facebook. And we picked u right where we left off. We takes all day and all night talked on the phone for hours because he was in NC and Im in LA. Then he got deployed and we were still able to talk but then he went on operation and we couldn't talk for a month. Then when he got back he wasn't able to talk much after that. Until he came home for 17 days. It was the best time of my life. I remember everything about everyday we spent together. He suddenly had to go back to nc without any notice and was shipped over seas a day later. When he left I was a mess. I became depressed and was diagnosed with anxiety. It's been 79 days since I've seen or talked to him. I miss him so much it kills me. My friends and family don't understand so here I am looking to complete strangers for support because I don't know what else to do.
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We all know how you feel, like others have said it is a long hard road but just remember to stay positive and love and faith will push you through it! I have a quote for you that has helped me through all of this!

Distance does to love
What wind does to fire
It extinguishes the weak
And feeds the strong!

To be in this situation and knowing that you obviously care about this man otherwise you wouldnt be on this site looking to talk to others whom understand and get support, it is tough but take this quote and let it strengthen you!

Semper Fi <3

Honestly, these types of relationships are hard no matter what. If you love him and believe he's worth it then its 100% worth it. Find hobbies or things you like to do to keep you busy. Sports, collecting, sketching, scrap book. Most people wont understand. look up motivating and inspirational quotes. One a day. Smile and have faith no matter what :) any advice, you can ask... Just don't stay bored

Hey sounds pretty emotional.. my boyfriend of four years is only in boot camp right now and has only been gone for a month so far and i have to say not being able to see or talk to him is killing me feels like its been longer than just a month. the sadness and depression wont go away you'll have good days and bad days. just gotta let your love keep you strong. im still pretty new to this site too and i have to say at first i wasnt sure if i could open up to complete strangers but it has helped so much knowing theres others out there who understand how im feeling and wont judge me. keep your head up.. the feelings wont just go away but it will get easier and if and when you get letters cherish them and remember to stay positive :) your not alone

Thank you so much. Yeah its the hardest thing I think any of us have ever done. I just have to keep thinking that in June his 4 years are up and ill finally have him home for good.