New Challenge - Know Your Status

I mentioned yesterday that my dad was in hospital he still is and it’s actually starting to just plane suck now I feel like if I just shook him he’d get better but I know that’s not true. They still not sure whats wrong with him he’s still battling to breath and they running test after test after test – he’s like a pin cushion at the moment. It’s so weird doing rounds and walking past his door and seeing his face he’ll be fine his doctors are extremely good and they know what they doing. Dad hates it though he wants to be outside doing stuff and I’m like please go and if you fall over and hurt yourself you’ll have no one else to blame but your frigging self then AJ kind of shuffled me to the door and looked at me and said ok from now on you shout at me about your dad not your dad and I’m like why not he being an *** and he needs to know he’s an *** so he says because in about five minutes you going to start feeling guilty for what you just said and pull one of biggest guilt trips on yourself I’m just trying to prevent you from doing that because you don’t need that Stormy I know you worried and when you are you do one of two things lash out or work he’s at your work so you lashing out and I’m tough I can handle it then I then got a hug I walked back into the room dad looked at me and called me over and said he was being an *** I told him was but we loved him anyway. However this isn’t about dad it’s going to start a whole new ball rolling and we just waiting I’m good at waiting – I’m thinking we should start our own sport lol‼ I’m going to tell you a story yay‼
I have a friend who works very closely with HIV/Aids positive people she’s a dietician and ensures they eat the right foods and volunteers at orphanages that specialize in HIV/Aids kids wellbeing. About 2 years ago she was playing with a kiddie and he fell down and he had a grazed his knee she cleaned up his leg and never thought about it again. Until early in the beginning of the year when I got jabbed by a needle from a patient that was HIV positive I will not lie I freaked a bit she came over to my house and it was too early for me to take the test but she told me about this kid and how she had cut her finger 2 days before and had never been tested I gave her a lecture from hell she said it didn’t matter what mattered was I needed to get tested and she’ll come with and we’ll get tested together. We did just that my test came back negative and hers was positive however the trail for me still isn’t over yet I’m coming up to the test and just when I thought all the others where negative I shouldn’t even bother with the last one the same friend reminded me about the HIV/Aids Drive I volunteered for on Worlds Aids Day which happens to be this Saturday. It was kind of smack between the eyes if it hadn’t happened this way I know AJ would have given me up hill about it he’s already started with so when is due lol he knows me SO well‼
So why am I telling you this because I’m officially putting out a challenge to every single one of you get tested know your status and before you jump up and down and scream and shout but I’m in a committed relationship it happens so easily I’ve gone through three rounds of tests for a pin ***** my friend is positive because she cleaned up a grazed knee its not necessarily about being in a committed relationship stuff happens I realize that my job puts me at a higher risk but that’s exactly why I am telling you all about this do you know how many people out there are positive not because they had unprotected sex but contracted it through everyday means – I’m not going to get into it because I could be here all day. How many of you already know your status and not in the same breath thought ooo but wait a bit I’m not saying from now on run around with plastic gloves on your hands and be all paranoid I’m saying be responsible know you status and by doing that you are being more responsible than any one who doesn’t. I know AJ isn’t positive beside the usual medical stuff he goes through for every deployment and I had to go through it when I switched jobs we made a pact way before getting together to get tested regularly we’ve done it every year since we were 17 its become a tradition thing every year we head off to go get tested even though he knows his status he also has those um moments. This year because it hit so close to home I’ve convinced my whole family and most of our friends to get tested AJ’s officially volunteered for the Drive and then volunteered some other marines and turned challenged some of his friends in other branches to get involved as well. It not a mission it’s a quick counseling session a pin ***** a cotton ball on you finger round two of a counseling and your results‼ another thing I’m putting out the challenge I’m not saying come here and tell me I don’t want to know your status what I want is for you to know it whether you reveal it or not it’s up to you and its no one else’s business but your own‼
Lecture over have a good weekend‼
Storm25 Storm25
26-30, F
Nov 30, 2012