Bootcamp Is Finally Coming To An End

Well these past three months have flown by. In the beginning I never thought it would fly by this fast, but it did. It was going so slow at first but that was the first month and definitely the hardest for me. Austin is currently facing the crucible, and tomorrow he will be able to call himself a marine. I am so happy and proud of him. We have both come a long way. At first I didn't think i would be able to do this, but I have and I have become a stronger person. This experience has changed me. I have been forced to become more independent and learn to function without him. It was tough at first, but it wasn't something I couldn't handle. Now Austin on the other hand, he has become stronger in every aspect and is currently facing the most difficult thing he has gone through in his life so far. He has gone through 12 weeks of bootcamp and is almost done. I get my phone call from him on sunday. It will be first time I have actually spoken to him in three months. Then family day is thursday and graduation is friday. I have never been so excited of something in my life. Makes me feel good knowing this is almost over and I got through this.

For those of you who are going through this same situation or are about to, it is tough. Being with someone in the marines is never easy. But if you love them, then you adjust and find ways to get through it because you love your man. The first month is the hardest and it gets easier. Never give up and keep pushing through. Honestly it feels like yesterday he left. Now I have less than six days until he is in my arms again. I know it will be the best feeling and I know this will have all been worth it when I see him again.

Just thought I would share how I am feeling with everyone :)

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4 Responses Nov 30, 2012

Aw wow that's awesome congrats i'm so happy for you!!

i am so happy for you. i can't wait to see my boyfriend again :) your post put a big smile on my face. my boyfriend Gavin has been at boot camp for a month now and reading your post makes me feel so much better :) its nice to know there are people who understand what im feeling and are there for complete strangers :)

Awwwww i was in your shoes last week!!!! Gurl just enjoy the time you have with him!! Yess take a lot of pictures and be ready because they will want pictures of you even if u tink u look bad!! Heheeh good luck God bless!!!

This brought back so many memories for me! No one really understands it until they go through the process themselves. Take lots of pictures when you see him!