Fiance Getting Married And Ssex Issue Help!!

I really dont know what to do about this .We where away for 2 years staright and seen him in sep .While home we look at rings for the furture .When he got back to his base told me if he was state side he would of ask me to marry him.He comes state side arpil and comes home.The other day he said he want to start saving up for the wedding so I was happy about that.I been having this issue for a while about sex.We had sex while he was home and stuff.I know I cant be there to have sex with him .He want me to have sex with other people .He into that.He keep bringing it up and when we talk about it before and said he wont pressure me anymore about it he keep doing so .I dont know what to do .Ever since he got back over there and he been going on about this whole sex thing I feel like something changed.There some days everything feel right and normal .HELP!!!
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If you don't feel comfortable with something, don't do it. You can't possibly have a good relationship with someone if you're changing yourself in ways you aren't okay with. Obligation shouldn't been the solitary reason for any decision.
But on top of all that, your best option is to talk to him. Its between the two of you, and you need to work it out together.

Its you life your decision and he needs to respect that and if he doesnt then he doesnt respect you enough and he needs to know to drop it and fast so speak to him should definitely let him know how you feel about that....he might be doing it or wanting to do that with other people to...and if that's not.ok with you then,you need to know before your married .....

Okay I'm really not sure if you're being serious or not by the way you type. It seems like everything that you write is a joke.. but if you're being serious then I say do what you want to do and what you are comfortable with. Don't let him pressure you into anything.

I m being serious and why would I joke about that .

hey, some people do it.