Itssss Decemberrrrr

Only 6 more weeks!!! (I hope). lol. I woke up this morning and it hit me, we made it another month :) Now i'm still in that typical college-end-of-semester mode with paper writing and studying and complaining about doing so but nothing can bring me down today (even though my Justice Kennedy paper tried really hard to, haha.) I got to talk to Nick this morning and while he's complaining about his usual these people suck blah blah blah, he was also bein super sweet and it was easy to tell he's getting as impatient as I am. He's not usually one to say more than I miss i know he misses me but when he starts getting all "i can't wait to kiss you, i wanna have a date night, etc" i get all happy and it becomes obvious he's at that point in the deployment where he's ready to get back! i can't freakin wait. i would happily skip this whole month if i could even if that means forfeiting a break from school! but obviously that can't happen. I hope all of you ladies are having a good weekend. If you're missin your man, just remember time flies faster than it seems and you will get through it! and for anyone else that is living for the end of the semester--It's almost over, and we got this :)

Love you all!
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Yay i'm so happy for you see how that sneaks up with out you even realizing it!! good luck with school i hope you do REALLY well and YAYAY congrats!!

Ahh dont you love when they have those rare moments where they get all mushy and talk all sweet to you (: I know I love when Cody opens and gets more in depth of what he misses and what he wants when hhe gets back. Its so much better then just a simple I miss you. Even tho that does mean a lot especially when they aren't all lovey dovey all the time. (: hopefully the next 6 weeks fly for you, I bet your so excited!!!! But for me I hope they go by slow I dont want mine to leave. Lol