Love At First Kiss

I met my future husband on May 21 2011 on a blind date! I still remember the first time I saw him. It's one of those things where you meet someone and your souls just connect. It was like I was remembering him, not just meeting him. It was that first date I realized how perfect for me he was. He fit me like a puzzle piece :) We didn't actually start dating until January of 2012 (ex-boyfriend drama) but that night i'll never forget. He held my face, looked into my eyes and said "I'm never losing you again. Please be my girlfriend." And ever since, my life has changed. They say "Love you get over in 2 weeks, big love you get over in 2 months, but great love... great love changes your life" and he definitely changed mine. He made me into the person I truly am and always wanted to me.
He left for bootcamp in june and those were the hardest 3 months of my whole life. He got back and we spent those entire 2 weeks together. It was on his boot leave that we picked out the ring :)
He'd been trying to convince me for months that we needed to get married but I didn't actually start considering it until he was in boot. I realized how much I loved him and I that I couldn't stand life without him. He's currently in SOI but he graduates in 10 days and I think that's when he's popping the question!!
Even though this life is hard, and its only going to get harder, it's worth it because our love is strong, but it's only going to get stronger. He's the greatest blessing that God has ever given me and I will love him forever.
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<3 you Mikelle. Love your story and I am super happy for you!

From your favorite Semper Fi Sister,

Aw that's so sweet!! Welcome I'm Storm and AJ is husband we got married in August you right I've never regretted this life and i honestly think it's going to take a great deal for that to happen!!

yeah amen to that!! Once you become a part of this life, you become totally dedicated and committed!

Aww! Your story reminded me of the first kiss me and my bf had and thats wheb we began to go out! Its sooo cutee! And yes thats what we both think were a blessong for each other. Has a purpose for both of us . GOD BLESSB KEEP PRAYIN! that he does pop the question hahah u should let all of us know!!!

oh I will for SURE!! And yes he does :) Without God Idk how I would have gotten through it this far!

i know what you mean he helps soo much. even tho sometimes they do not communicate with us. God is alwys to listen to us.

Your story was so sweet I couldn't help but smile while I read it. Your so right when you say you know right away when you meet your soulmate and that it changes your life (:

Good luck with you & your man <3 (: