Nothing But Positive Thoughts From Here (:!!!

So I have to tell all of you about how I have this new found sense of strength it feels like. The crazy thing about it is is came out of no where. I was kind of just sitting here in Codys sweatshirt thinking about everything and kind of being a wimpy girl about to cry thinking about Cody leaving in jan to japan. Then it hit me I can't be mopey or completely down....he's still here and I need to enjoy the time we have left together and make the most of it. Another thing I thought about is he may not be stateside but he's going to be in a completely safe area. What does scare me is where he's going Is a high intensity unit and he has a much higher chance of being deployed. :/ but I can't say much I knew from the start all this could happen you just never think about it until its here like right in your face. I'm sure you all know what I'm talking about. Anywho Im starting to ramble what I'm trying to get at is I've decided not to be sad anymore. Plain an simple nothing but positive thinking. (: when I first found out I lost all motivation and just wanted to sulk and feel sorry for myself. Not anymore tho, being that way isn't going to make him proud and it's not going to help a damn thing ha. So I went to gnc and bought my 7 day fat loss body cleanse, I'm starting insanity to get my cute little body back. I decided I want to be a hot little wifey (; plus I decided to enroll in a cna program that's starts in jan and just stay busy and productive doing things to better myself and that will help my little family in the long run. Cody doesn't want me to work. Just take care of my son and school since I'll be living at home while he's away to save money. I decided tho I'm getting at least a part time job any little bit helps now adays, hopefully hell be okay with it. I just feel completely different (in a good way) motivated, stronger, like these 2 yrs are nothing we have our whole lives to spend together. 2 yrs is just the beginning.

Eeeeek I just can go on and on I love this new happy feelin i have. :))))!!!!!

Just thought I'd share sorry it's so long!

Semper Fi ladies <33333
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So proud of yours baby girl!