Last Day I Should Send A Letter?

Hello all, I am getting down the final stretch! Eddie will be graduating from Boot Camp on the 21st in San Diego. I am so excited!!! Everything is booked (flight/hotel) and I am ready to see him!!! However, I was wondering when is the best time to stop sending letters. I know that during week eleven they have the Crucible, but they are still there for another week... so will they still be receiving mail? Basically, my guess is that my last letter should probably be sent at the end of week ten, so he can get it when he gets back to MCRD after the crucible. I'm not sure though. Any advice?

Thanks so much!
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3 Responses Dec 2, 2012

I stopped sending my Marine letters about 11 days before I went down to see him, your going to have an amazing time, its definitely an experince you will never forget!!!! enjoy yourself and your Marine!! :)

My marine sent a letter saying don't send anymore mail when they knew they wouldnt be getting it anymore and week ten sounds about right

I sent my last letter a week and half before his graduation and he ended up getting it two days before I saw him :D You're almost there girl! I'm so excited for you

Thank you!!! I am SO EXCITED!!!!