Ladies, I Have a Question...

Around four weeks before graduation (he is just finishing up team week) from bootcamp, does the letters come very scarcely?

I was just wondering because it has been almost two weeks since I got one...  =[

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7 Responses Jul 28, 2008

i guess most people already said this but my bf sent less letters around that time too because on their free time they have alot of preparing to do for graduation. <br />
<br />
i hope your excited to see your boy again! i can tell you its an amazing and overwhelming feeling :]

thats good info to know!...i'm going to die with my boyfriend gets down to the last 4 weeks, i look forward to his letters like every day!


yeah, just confirming what the other girls have already said...the last 4 weeks or so I think I only got like MAYBE 2 letters...1 for sure. they're just super busy and don't have ANY free time! I haven't heard the part though about not being able to receive letters...mine got all my letters, right up until his graduation. Hang in there!!!! :D

Thanks for the information and words of encouragement!

good to know...

Ah, thanks!<br />
I was getting so worried!<br />
Irwally appreciate it. <br />
I figure he was just really busy!