My Luck Keeps Getting Worse :( But There Is Some Happy!!

So Alex ended up coming home that night at random which is amazing but the circumstances aren't the best. He's truly the best thing ever! Well for those of you who don't know I'm a senior in highschool. Well Alex needed a place to stay while he was here and he needed me so I thought there was no better place than to stay with me. My dad is a discharged marine and he's in Japan right now on a business trip. So I asked my mom if it was okay if Alex stayed with us, she talked to my dad and we got it okay'd. Well while I was at work yesterday my friend Courtney came in and asked if I wanted to stay with her at her sisters house. I couldn't ask my parents or Alex so I told her that I needed to be with Alex no matter what right now because he needs me. So she got it okay'd for me to stay the night with Alex at her sisters house. Apparently my dad is NOT okay with this.. He is furious with both me and my mom. and don't know what to do.. I'm an adult, I'm 18 and I'm very responsible.. And he knows that so I don't understand why he is so upset.. :( on a bright side Alex and I have decided that we LOVE each other.. He told me yesterday. And I'm soo happy about that. He's one in a million that's for sure. I'm glad he's putting up with my disfunctional family.
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You know my dad was like a bear with a sore head when it came to AJ and I even though he really likes AJ he had a really hard time with us going out i wasnt living at home and our 'nap overs' weren't exactly a secret we never made it public knowledge but people knew i mean it was pretty obvious they come over i'm still in my jammies and oh wow AJ's there and its sparrows fart lol you know what mean. anyway the thing is i figured out with a little help from my dad that because he'd been there he'd been through it he knows what happens and what could happen to Alex he's worried you going to get hurt and trust me at some point we all do so little things like saying ok he can stay and then later gets mad is normal he's trying to protect you no matter how old you get you still going to be his little girl my dad still gives AJ a hard time and i know it's not going to end any time soon honestly there's nothing you can do out right all i did was have some one on one dad time like take him breakfast surprise him at work go for walks or runs all he needs to know is that you alright and he not going to 'loose' his little girl - good luck!!

lol thanks! i figure because hes in japan and cant control the situation is probably why he is freaking out! but hopefully we can talk about it and work it out when he gets back :)