Good Stories Anyone?

I really like to hear about how people met there marine boyfriend or how they got married to there marine c:!
I find it really comforting to see how it has worked out for people.
Maybe I 'm just into love stories lol

Anyone got some for me c:?
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We met on a blind date :) It was one of those love at first sight deals. we just instantly connected. we spent the entire time just talking. (even through the movie haha) He kissed me and I knew I never wanted to kiss anyone else for the rest of my life :) And we've been together almost a year. he's in SOI right now but he graduates in 8 days! and I think that's when he's popping the question. We have a ring picked out and everything and he told me he has "big plans" haha

Good luck :D!!! That must be so exciting!!

I met my Marine through a friend before he joined, we have been together for almost a year now and let me tell you it has been the toughest year of my life but also the most amazing! He is my world and even though he isnt here he is the one that keeps me going because i know that one day we will have an amazing life together! We dont plan on getting married until after his first enlistment is over which gives me time to finish my schooling and get my career started! He is an amazing man and i dont know where i would be wihout him!
Semper Fi <3

That's awesome c: I met mine through a friend too. Its great to know you guys are thinking about marriage in the future though I think thats really cute

Im doing the exact same thing :) after his first enlistment we are getting married, and he hopes to reenlist.

I met my marine online/through a friend. I fell hard and fast even before i saw him, which made it 100% more nerve racking. But so worth it. He's my world and i couldn't be happier. Its tough but worth it and makes us stronger :)

I met mine through a friend too! I love hearing about girls getting married to their marines :) I hope you guys have a fantastic wedding

Hey! (: I met my Marine online actually randomly. He's from Texas but stationed here in Cali. We talked for three mmonths thru text and phone calls. Finally after his surgery he flew down here to meet me (: and after a year and half we are married!! I couldn't have asked for a better man. There's a quick version of how I met mine (: my names Morgan by the way and my husbands name is Cody he's a Sgt. And has been in for 6 yrs. Thank goodness he has only 2 years left. Ha can't wait for a normal life together.

That must be great to look forward to, I hope you guys have a great life together!