So I met this guy, his name is Tim, he's so sweet, funny, cute and just everything I've dreamt of in finding a guy.

But little did I know, he's leaving for bootcamp February 4th.

Marine Corps.

He's not my boyfriend,


We act and talk like a couple and I know it's bound to happen and I couldn't be more excited but then I couldn't be more afraid either.

What am I getting my self into...? /:

I'm so proud of him for making this decision on his own, but I hear the distance and the lack of seeing eachother can really make or break a relationship like this..

Anyone have advice to get me through this? :c

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3 Responses Dec 3, 2012

I'm going through the same thing right now. Except i'm dating him, he asked me out right before he left. He already left for bootcamp about a month ago, it was super hard at first but now i'm fine. The letters he writes helps a lot. Just make sure he knows you're there for him, and be open with your feelings now because once they leave you'll need to know how you guys stand. Good Luck!!! (:

its truthfully not as bad as some people make it out to be my fiance is at bootcamp right now and ive made it halfway thru. the first 2 weeks are the worst but then time flys. write write write, i write everyday anywhere from 2 pages to 4. be supportive. communication and trust is the key. i figured i would be a emotional mess when he left because we went from spending everyday together for almost 3 years to not seeing each other at all and only communicating thru letters, the first 2 weeks were not good but once you get the first letter it makes it all better to just hear from them. they are usually homesick the first letter but never say anything negative. have friends that understand what your dealing with so when your down you can talk to them, stay busy. if you need anything feel free to message me.

well first of all really commit to this kind of life.. if either one of you have any doubt about being able to stay strong through the process then the relationship has a good chance of ending. also be understanding. he probably wont be able to give you the attention you deserve and thats part of being a marines girl. for the moment it seems unfair and it really sucks but once he gets back he will make up for all the lost time. also they tend to get moody or distant before deployment or when they are just really stressed. this job is very stressful. pretty much just make sure you both know that your commited to one another and that neither one of you will give up on eachother. write him as much as possible when he leave mail is VERY important. and if something is wrong COMMUNICATE. the worst things you can do is keep everything bottled up. dont take any moment for granted. live each day like he leaves tomorrow. if you have any other questions feel free to message me anytime. i get on almost everyday :) good luck!

i wasnt with alex officially when he got deployed last year and either.. we talked ALL the time though and we knew eachother a couple year prior to when we actually started to have feelings for eachother. it is overwelming at times but if you man is anything like alex or many other marines then he'll be totally worth it. :)