Holy Wow Fast

Hi ladies,
So just found out from Jim last night that he will be home from January till the begining of April. He also informed me that we should get married in March! Holy cow I kinda freaked out a little last night.

I sent an email to our parents and siblings telling them everything we have talked about/come up with so far. Skyped with my parents about it last night and talked to my dad since it was his 50th birthday.

They think it's a little weird that we are gonna get married and then not live with each other for a few months but we decided that his next two short trainings he needs to just get done before I go where ever he is...plus moving three times in less then a year is a lot so it makes more sense to wait till he's stationed somewhere for longer then a 4-6 week time period.

Does anyone have an advice on planning a wedding on such short notice? I know most people plan it in 6months to a year but thanks to the Military we don't have that. I read yesterday that cheaper options are VFW halls and American Legion's so I am going to look into that more today. But any advice would be useful.
Hope everyone is doing well.
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i'd find a venue first - its what started the ball rolling for us we picked a place asked when they had an opening and planned it round that. pick colors and work from there before AJ got deployed we had a venue and we an idea on colors and i had found a dress that was it but from there we planned everything else around that. One of my friends went to find a dress and bridesmaid dresses and from that found her wedding colors a bit crazy but it was really pretty and it was smooth sailing from there. AJ and i didnt have a cake because we actually ran out of time instead we got our wedding party to make cupcakes my house became a a cupcake production line but it fit perfectly my uncle came up and said only you would have a cup cake wedding lol i love cupcakes yummy - most venues offer food so see what they offer and work with that!! remember that this is about you and Nick not about anyone else so keep them in mind but dont let it revolve around anyone else but you both as a couple have fun think out the box and dont get involved with family drama know that know matter how much you going to try and avoid being bridezilla she will show just laugh it off dont stress out have fun and enjoy every second minute of it also what i learnt is sometimes when an idea doesnt pan out the way you like it opens a door to newer and better things in short planning a wedding is like going through a deployment on steroids lol good luck!! oh and by the way FRIGGING YAY!!!!

Ha thanks girl! I'll keep that in mind

Oh gosh! Stressful! Find your budget and venue. Also the cake sometimes takes the longest so get moving on that. And dresses incase you and bridesmaids need alterations! The stress level depends on how big you want the wedding to be. If its small you can breath. Send your invitations and breeze through. If its big and you have a lot of planning prepare for a stressful 3 months. But really the key things are someone to perform the ceremony and make sure you get the wedding certificate within the correct time frame. I think it's 72 hours before the wedding. And have 2 witnesses. After that everything else is just details and extra. Figure out what's most important to you on your day and start there so if you run out of time you at least have the main things. :)

Awesome thanks. Its gonna be a stressful few months cuz Jim wants a big wedding but you're totally right everything outside of having us say our vows and the right paper work is just details cuz at the end of the day I could be in PJ's but as long as we are married that's what matters

Exactly. So just remember that and try to stay relaxed. When you panic nothing ends up getting done lol. But if it's big get a venue and those save the dates done! Most venues do a lot of set up too and some even cater so if you get one like that it takes a lot of the details off your plate!! :)

Good call gonna call around some places today and see what I can find out.