I Got My First Letter From My Marine!!!!

So about a 2 weeks ago i got my first letter, he wrote about bootcamp and everything. He wrote me another one and this time it was a three page letter, dedicated to us as a couple. It was so sweet it actually made me cry, i rarely ever cry. In his letter he claimed he wanted us to be that .1% of relationships that actually work throughout his time in the Marines and how he wants us to last and be happy together. We both know this will be extremly hard, but we're willing to make it work. We want it to work!
The next letter i got was 2 pages on us again, he wanted to make sure i'm good with us dating even though he's gone, and that i'll stay loyal. Of course I am!! He told me I was his motivation and that he missed me more than anything.. If you guys have read my previous stories you know that i was unsure about where i stood with him, but now i know and i couldn't be happier. :) He has been in bootcamp for a month as of yesterday and time has flew by!! 2 more months and i get to see him, i'm so excited. I told him not to worry about us because i'm faithful to him & all that stuff... I miss him a lot and i really want us to work.. I understand that i am young, but "age is just a number" it's all about how mature you are. Does anyone else agree?
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4 Responses Dec 3, 2012

Yess! Agree!! Awww am sooo happy for you! That brought back soo much memories! Yes just the things they put on those letters are our motivation to keep going everyday. Times dies go by fast!!! Heheh and keep track of sometimes your like wow is that day aredy. Just enjoy thos letter and tears WILL COME HEHEH take care God bless!

Thats me as well i was unsure about how things were going to go when he left and now he has been gone for a month and that one month i found out just how much i love him and how i want to be with him even more so now.. and in his letters he writes about how much he loves me and he always says he misses me like CRAZY! : ) its hard but i have to agree him being in boot camp is hell for both of us but it has shown me just how much i love him and how much he really loves me :) and age is just a number and true love will always win in the end :) i am happy to hear things are going good for you :)

K you are like describing my story with my man Michael :) Before he left I knew I loved him and I was going to try to wait for him but I didn't know exactly if it was going to work or not. But while he was gone it made me realize just how much I love him and how I can't stand life without him. On his boot leave, we picked out the ring :) Even though boot was HELL, I'm so grateful for it :)

i agree 100% and im kind of in the same situation. my fiance left the 22 of october and we are getting married on his 10day leave and everyone tells me young married couples wont make it in the Marine Corp, but true love conquers all so i dont worry bc i know i can do it and i know we can be happy bc im willing to work with it all.