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The more the festive season begins the more I start remembering how the last couple of years have been by being apart from AJ because of deployments the scary thing is I know last year wont be the last time I still have a feeling that someone in his command will wake up and spot their mistake however having a dad whose a marine I learnt that deployments over the festive is one of the difficult realities of military life. The holidays only make it worse because everything can become unfortunate reminders of their absence. Last year I’d actually catch myself staring at all possible entrances literally begging him to just step through the door and burst into tears waking up on Christmas morning because there was no dork running around with antlers on their head – it sounds crazy and I wont lie it’s really hard over these times for everyone involved

However I have to admit that last year was probably the hardest for both of us because of everything he was going through and me freaking out I think I got the most creative that I’ve ever been – where there’s a will there’s a way lol‼ The whole idea was keeping AJ involved in our holiday traditions and made the season family-oriented. Here are some ideas that you welcome to steal:

I sent AJ a seasons cheer in a care package stop frowning its probably the funest thing I’ve ever done I got the whole family involved we sent decorations, his favorite holiday film (us as in the family acting like idiots), music, his favorite cookies, we took photo’s of us getting the parcel together every one brought him something special and labeled it. In the care package I send him a survive the holiday season survival pack I worked it for 30 days he had one envelope for one day inside the envelope was a tarot card and I’d make my own prediction then there was a quick note from me to him on why that day specifically why I’d be thinking of him and why he was in our thoughts then I’d add a little sweetie or something special in it I kept it simple and made sure it was always one of his favorites. AJ told me it was probably one of the best care packages ever it lasted for days on end and took his mind off not being here and enjoyed every minute of it.  Have fun with your care packages especially this time of the year the wackier the better – the highlight of this whole care package was while I was doing it I was doing washing and one of my favorite bras landed up going all the way to Africa the funniest thing out everything was AJ was more shocked that I’d sent it and it was the one thing he wasn’t about to let slide either so every time I spoke to him he’d rip me off about my bra then when he eventually came home he sheepishly handed it over and said it kept me company on many lonely nights especially because I knew it was your favorite – even mistakes on occasion actually pay off lol the embarrassing ones included‼ I’m not saying send off your favorite bras what I’m saying is it doesn’t have to be perfect ever‼

as by now you all know the internet is unreliable and for the most part they have limited access to skype and email somehow AJ managed to call me on Skype while we were decorating the house and the tree and he’d give us instructions from 12 000 away about why the angel should not go there – he felt involved and we included him. I realize in most cases this isn’t always practical especially because it only happened to us by chance however you can still make the video. Through the whole Christmas period I made little videos for AJ everyday of Ziggy of his brothers graduation of his mom and dad beside my phone being attached to me so was our camera I’d send the better ones to him over Skype so if the connection failed he still had something to watch – its a little thing I thought would annoy him then one day I didn’t do it he’s asked where the video was because he really enjoyed watching them‼

In his care package I included a family photo of all us dressed up as the holiday spirit then got a frame and decorated the frame with Christmas decoration then got Jord and Sav to draw picture and make little mini people decorations for him what I never realized was he kept it all we put up our Christmas tree a little while ago and he brought all out and told me it had to be included on the tree – I’m sure everyone knows of kiddies or has kiddies so get them involved‼  while on kiddies I convinced him to write letters to Jord and Sav from Santa yes they were still very young but the idea was it got him involved too so if you have bigger kiddies get him to write them a letter asking what they want for Christmas then they respond with list and he writes back as Santa – silly but trust me what AJ came up with was hysterical and I honestly now that I think about it was probably more me than them- beside you maybe lucky and get a naughty Santa letter lol moving on‼

Just because he’s not present doesn’t mean he cant be involved yes it’s hard on you but its 10 times harder on them remember that always and make it easier by being you and honestly if you’ve never been a Christmas person before deployments kind of make you that person I never really was a Christmas person until deployments with AJ so good luck‼

Stay happy and be you!

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I love those ideas!! You always seem to keep your family together no matter what :) that's so awesome!