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Watching a show and the fiance of this girl is a Marine.
she started out describing him as he is in the Marines.... I'm really annoyed by this. You are IN the Air Force, Army and Navy. You ARE a Marine, Army Ranger or Navy Seal. Its so much more then a job. My sister in law who's in the Air Force has even said similar things to me about how different the special forces and Marine's are compaired to the rest of the Military. I'm completly annoyed with this naive girl who doesn't seem to have a clue about what she's getting into, and that bugs me.

Ok Rant over
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AMEN to that! Another thing that annoys me sooo much is how everyone says "aww you guys are just like dear John" or " I know what your going through, I watch army wives" NO. Haha these damn tv shows are making us and our milSO's look bad and stupid!

Idk about bad but the media will never be able to portray how life is for us affecively because unless you've lived it itcan't be discribed

Well put

Just yesterday I pick up AJ and he was still in his uniform and before we drove to the hospital we went to get ice cream and the girl behind the counter started asking us questions like the usual how long have you been together when how did you meet then she spotted our rings and was omg you guys are married you must have such an amazing life all that travelling and adventure and experiences that you both have i mean i wish my life was that exciting. Because my filter between my mouth and head is somewhat faulty AJ's quick yes its all that and more then pays and shuffles me out the door i look at him and he's like she doesn't have a clue it doesn't mean you allowed to be the cow lol i really was about to bite her head off. You right they don't have clue and sometimes and I've said it before i'm actually jealous that they don't that they can be that naive because they not in that position its hugely annoying though at the same time however what makes over annoyed is that she engaged to him and she actually doesn't know the difference surely by now she should know that!!

Oh I hate when girls say stuff like that! Damn Dear John movie has everyone's heads in the clouds about what it's like. What's funny is that story isn't even that romantic if you take out the sappy music and romantic love scenes, it's sad as hell!
And tell me about it! Hence me wanting to slap her and give her a reality check, so not the lifestyle to just marry into unknowing!

Lol you just posted the rant I have at least once a week :p

I usually can just let it roll off but apparently everything is annoying me today, so my best friend finally told me. But really come on you are gonna marry this man and the Marine Corps have enough pride in him and what he does to understand it! I wanted to slap her and give her a serious reality check, she acted like this was a dream relationship and it was gonna be all wonderful and glorious...sorry to break it to her but while there are some serious advantages to our relationship style it has a **** ton of draw backs and there is nothing pretty about crying yourself to sleep.

HA I really should just go to bed at this point I'm getting all worked up about it again! And i do it all the time too! it just amazes me how naive people can be

*laughs* I absolutely -LOVE- your response! I'm going to message you with my issues.