Wish This Month Was Over

Seriously just web I think things get better I have the crappiest day. I know I shouldn't complain but I'm just over it now. I was super busy at work and have been having a rough few day there and having some personal crap to deal with and to top it off my car dies as I'm leaving to go home and I'm stuck waiting for my dad to come jump start it. I feel like everything's gone to hell can I please at least have one good thing happen? Is that too much to ask for
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if only we could control it eh?!
i find i'm constantly saying to myself "take a DEEEEEEP breath" i don't think the guys over there really know how wound up we get being the WAG i swear most of the time i feel like i'm losing my mind

I think I already lost my mind but they don't know all the crap we go through and when you deal with barely talking it just makes everything like a thousand times worse

i know and even when you get a msg everyday sometimes it is for 4 mins not much can be said and then there is the added burden of not wanting to say things that will stress them, and even worse when they are tired they barely say anything

Yes and even the one word text messages suck. That's all I've been getting from Ryan lately

yeah i just got ten mins lol and i could tell he was knackered, so didn't want to try and talk to him about anything serious, but sometimes i get the messages and im great i feel giddy then sometimes i feel like ****....he did say that dust storms are messing with his connection, so he had to send me the same message three times.....see what i do sometimes is get my army mate to anaylse our conversations to tell me if i'm reading too much into things because i always over think everything lol

That sucks. I over think everything. I Also over plan things to but I have to have things be perfect

yep i'm the exact same i try and plan everything right down to a T and i over think every little detail...it really is exhausting lol

Lol we are way to alike. In fact the planning has already begun for Ryan's return. I already told my best friend I'm invading her house and she's ok with it and I was at build a bear the other day and saw a marine bear in its dress blues and said omg I'm making one for Ryan and I'm gonna attach a sign that says welcome home babe and holding a flag. My best friend laughed

ah thats cute....yes i'm the same he is back on a monday, and he has to go to the base first and then rent a car so see him by lunch time and i keep thinkign i know he will need to unwind so i think to myself ok where do we go etc etc every little detail lol i mean i'm even shopping for things now and he isn't back till January lol I'm sure if he knew what went through my head he would run away lol

Lol yeah see for when Ryan comes home I already told my best friend if its a Friday I'm driving down with my kids Thursday we will go to the base at whatever time he says and then Saturday we are getting up and making breakfast for the Ryan and her hubby. She said ok sounds good so I've literally got it all planned out

hahaha yep always what i do, i plan things so obsessively i even plan what i will wear what i think he will look like not sure its sane but hey we are what we are right lol

ive 2 hours till i hear from Cameron i swear this is my life i just wait

Lol I'm totally trying to figure out what to wear for when Ryan comes home and everything. The only thing is I haven't heard from him in like 3 days

aoh man he must be busy or no net connection i got to speak to cam for about 5 mins then the net cut out...normally just a msg makes me all happy but felt so pissed off that didn't really get to chat but he does like to remind me that there is a war on lol

Yeah that is something that's easy to forget when you want to talk to the man you love

hahaha yep he does it in a joking way like talk tomorrow....quickly though there is a war on lol

Lol yea, I don't get that comment tho from Ryan I just get well I got stuff to finish up cuz at times I forget he's working cuz the time difference

hahaha yeah cam just thinks he is funny lol or i get my pagers going off gotta go....doesn't matter which way it is put it always makes me sad which is sad in itself as i should be able to be happy with a quick chat once a day lol

Right I feel that way too

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