I'm sending my marine the first package in this deployment, It's harder than I thought it would be to think of things that he will actually make use of & enjoy.
If anyone has any ideas please let me know :) also, this is our first deployment & I was wondering how often do you guys send packages? cause I was thinking about maybe one each month? Let me knoww. thanks<3
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just to let you know, there are TONS of ideas on pinterest.

Depending on where he is.. I reccomend shower wipes!! They go through a ton of baby wipes,it's like their safe haven. But SHOWER wipes will pamper him a little(; haha they're alot thicker and clean alot better. My man lovvveess them. You can add some of his favorite candies, energy bars, nice brands of deodorant that he likes, phone minutes, beef jerkey is always a good quick protein if he's busy, nice socks, Chapstick and hand lotion, bandaids, baby powder for breaking in new boots, anything you can think of that he may need want or like!!(: wallet size pictures are always good too!!

I love making care packages because it's holidays i'd go with a Christmas theme go crazy I've learnt the wackier the better i pack it with all his favorite things then fill with articles about stuff i know he's interested in include a letter and just have fun!! I send to send one every month only but know some people send one every three months obviously its up to you i normally send the first one in the second month of deployment then after that after that every 4 - 5 weeks.

Thanks :) he's only been there for one month, but since it is near christmas I want to go ahead and send one so he'll have something to cheer him up. He's already super homesick. I was thinking about dvds, sports magazines, his favorite snacks and stuff like that. Thank you , big help!