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Hello ladies! I'm new here, all of your stories are both inspiring and hopeful & have gotten me through these past eleven weeks of my boyfriend being away at boot camp!

I guess I should tell you a little about myself; my name's Livy & my boyfriend's name is Cole. We have been high school sweet hearts since we were seventeen, I'm currently studying towards a biology major while he's made the very courageous decision to join the Marine Corps serving in infantry. Sorry I'm not familiar yet with all the new lingo that comes with the Marine Corps, so if I make a mistake don't hesitate to correct me! I have a little over a week before I fly out to watch him graduate! I'm so overly excited, but I have questions that you girls would probably only know how to answer!

I'm very short, 5'3, while Cole is 6'3! He's got an entire foot on me! So my first question is whether it is a REALLY bad idea to wear heels on family day? I have heard from multiple people that there's A LOT of walking involved that day, but I'm very comfortable with wearing heels, I seriously always have to wear them because otherwise I look like a dwarf next to Cole. I've also heard that the day is very casual and I'm planning on wearing a cute navy peplum top with white skinnies & a black blazer... the only thing is the shoes that look the best with the outfit are pumps and come on, I haven't seen the guy in 3 months I want to look good for him!

I was just wondering what to expect on family day & if there are any rules or guidelines I need to follow besides the no holding hands rule? If anyone could let me know what exactly goes on that day, from how it all starts to how long we'll have with our recruit? Is San Diego humid around this time and I'd really love to hear all of your experiences with family day/graduation! I know these are a slew of questions, but I'm a HUGE planner & I want to be ready for whatever might occur. :)
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Just want to start out by saying, when you see him..he's not your recruit, he's your marine! Be proud(: andd yes family say is casual BUT you want to wear his battalion colors! If he's in 3rd battalion, then yes! Navy is highly appropriate(: other wise the battalions are 1,2&3.. Fourth is for females(: at parris island anyways. You can wear heels if you want, I don't think it'll be too bad but personally I wouldn't want to cause minor that comfortable in them. I can emphasize enough DON'T BE AFRAID IF HE DOESN'T KISS YOU AND HUG YOU ALOT. It's not because he's having second thoughts it's because he's afraid of getting in trouble and seeing you is also a big culture shock! Trust me, when you get off the island it's game on(; haha. And also, last thing! Hes veryyy used to walking fast, so keep ahold of his arm, it's a good throttle control so he doesn't go walking away on you (: hahaha good luck and welcome to the marine corps family!!<3

Hey :), yes family day is casual if your comfortable in heels then I don't see why you shouldn't wear them. You guys will probably be walking around A LOT. He will show you everything, like where he's been sleeping and all the little stuff you are probably curious about. There are really no huge rules that you need to follow bc when you get there they will sit you on bleachers and they will tell you everything you need to know for the day before they send out the Marines for liberty. It's the best day ever! You're going to have an amazing time! Good luck with everything! <3 :)

My husband graduated on the east so idk about that weather. But go as cute as you can! It'll be worth it. Im not sure about san Diego but before anything they had a motivation run in front of us and that was the first time we got to actually see each other! So you should try and check out if they have that too.

Personally I did wear heels to my bf's family day, though it was in May and I did bring flip-flops (that I did change into and I was on the east coast). Wear something that you are comfortable wearing (and walking) in for a few hours. Your man will not be allowed to ride in a car until he graduated so be prepared to walk where-ever on base! I hope I helped a little! Enjoy every min you have with him! And feel free to message me if you want to, my bf is infantry too. :)

thanks so much! i'll definitely pack some flats just in case, don't know how i didn't think of that before! :)