AJ’s grumpy because Ziggy has a boyfriend lol‼ He’s about six months old and is a little Labby and lives next door and is black none of this really matters all AJ is concerned about is the attention she’s been giving him is now split into two and he’s yesterday news. He mumbled how he finally understands how my dad feels I told him that Ziggy isn’t exactly the most loyal dog and likes any type of attention just right now she wants some black fury love lol I’m not sure whether its because both Ziggy and I go insane when we see him but he’s dam cute and soft he’s like this little baby bear that’s just shuffles away and takes no notice of anything any of you remember droopy dog this is like the EXACT REPLICA‼ He’s also dam funny I think he’s like a little comedian he could make shows lol he’s dam cute‼
So on a more serious note I thought about giving you an update on my dad – yes it’s time the balls about to drop you all knew this coming‼ Dads test results came back and he has cancer at this stage it’s only stage 2 but his lungs have 4 large tumors and they’ve found tumors on his liver and kidneys he’s going in for an operation today to remove the tumors and from there they’ll prescribe a treatment plan. As per usual my dads attitude is take it out and it’ll be fine and because this always happens I told him he was being an idiot to think that stage 2 cancer was as simple as taking out tumors and we live happily ever after like it never happened he still had to go through treatment they still had to decide whether more treatment was necessary and mere fact that it started to spread could mean that he was going into the early stages of stage 3 so he needed to start facing reality that this may not be as simple as a surgery and then we can all go home and forget about it. I’ve been scared for my dad before many times but never this scared he’s fit and he’s healthy and he’s in better condition than many 60 year old but he’s 60 he has cancer and its spreading and I know I shouldn’t be thinking this but I’m afraid for him I’m really, really scared I’ll go further because I’ll also admit I’m even more scared about this surgery its invasive and aggressive and he may not make it and to be completely honest I’m tired I’m exhausted I feel like our family just gets over something and another thing happens I feel like we running this marathon of tag something happens we get through and things just start getting back to normal and someone decides ha you not allowed to have fun lets zap you with another thing I’m tired of being positive I’m tired of being worried and scared and afraid and if one more person says you have to be strong now your mom and dad need you I think I may actually slap them silly‼
With all that said however it’s like second nature because here it comes. As scared as what I am if there’s one person in the world right now that I know will over come this its my dad and I know this because its in his nature he’s faced bleaker situations before and got through them the one thing I do know is he never gives up ever he’s fighter and he wont give up easily. I mean after I gave him that lecture he looked at me and said Storm everything will be alright I was about to start shouting at him again and he said because I’m not ready to move on my life has just started to get exciting and I’m not ready. You all know how when certain people just say certain things its like this instant relief my dads one of these people as worried and as scared as what I am I know he’ll be fine my doctor brain is working in overdrive but the person who knows him his daughter knows that everything will work out the way its suppose too‼ Besides I think by the amount of ice –cream AJ has in supply I’ll have a brain freeze soon and wont be able to think anyway he claims it’s been his plan all along lol I’m so glad he’s here‼   
Enjoy your day‼
Storm25 Storm25
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2 Responses Dec 5, 2012

Oh Storm, I'm so sorry to hear that. BUT I know you and your family are so strong and you're right you've been through so much already but that has all just made you stronger. Yes your parents need you but you need them too so here are prayers that you will ALL be around for each other for many many years to come!! I hope your dad gets very good news very soon. Praying for him and you and all your family!!
p.s. Ziggy's boyfriend sounds adorable haha

Thank you!! He's adorable he's like this mini bear and you could just eat him up and although he has an i dont care attitude all he wants is to play all the time!!

I want a puppy lol!!!!!

lol they really adorable and extremely good company you should get one its a barrel of laughs!!

So sorry about your dad!! He is in my prayers! I can sit here and shout out positive things at you if you need it! But the good news is they found out what is wrong, it is not a medical mystery. It is treatable. And you know the risks with surgery but your dad is strong and the desire to live is stronger than any medicine out there. So if you need me to shout positives at you or listen to your rant feel free to message or I'll send you my number so you can call or text as needed! But I'm here if you need anything! Take care!! Plenty of prayers are being sent your way!

Thanks i may one day hold you up to that!! You right I think if anything he has the attitude going into surgery and that seems to be way more important than anything else!! thanks again

No problem!! Best of luck!