Never Been Closer.

Today i'm a bit on the sad side of the spectrum... Alex's emergency leave is up and he had to fly back to California. His uncle was given 2 days to live, and that was over 4 days ago and he is still kicking. He's still expected to be gone any day now which is very nerve racking because i'm just waiting for the phone call from him. but on a happy note, Alex and i have never been so close. not one day that he was back did we not see each other, in fact he spent every single night with me. i can't even describe how amazing it was to roll over in the middle of the night an realize he was there right beside me with his arms around me. it was funny because the second night he stayed with me i woke up at like 4 in the morning and he said "Ashlee don't get sick." just randomly! i was like "what theee..? did you just tell me not to get sick?" and he said "yeah don't get sick." i was tired so i just decided to ask him when we woke up so i did. lol apparently he had a dream that night that we were at the doctors office and i was SUPER sick and the doctor had a whole list of really bad illnesses i had. like one was leukemia and another was whopping cough and i guess there were like 7 other things checked off and he was really scared. lol. this morning when he left i watched him out my window till i could see his car anymore.. then i cried for a while and then i felt like a doofus because he's gonna be back in 2 weeks from tomorrow! because my dad will be home during Alex's next leave, no way in heck will we be able to share a bed nor a house for that matter so we will be spending a little more time apart than we did during these last 4 days but i'm fine as long as we get to see each other.. i love this man and this man loves me and i couldn't be happier. i've never been so comfortable with a guy before and with him i feel like theres nothing about me that he could know and not like. We went to pick his mom up from the airport yesterday and ive never met her as his girlfriend before. buut we were really early. His dad passed away when he was in the 7th grade. its a very sensitive subject so i never bring it up or ask about it unless he brings it up. well he took me to his dads grave site yesterday. i know he would never show that to someone he didnt intend on keeping in his life for a very long time. and it meant a lot to me that he thought so highly of me to take me there. the look on his face drove an awful pain through me though. i could see the hurt in his face of how much he misses his dad. i just kissed him and he told me that his dad would have liked me. even though ive never met him, i know his dad was a great man because Alex is such a great man and the way alex talks about him is like no other. I've never been so sure, comfortable and, happy with anyone else. :) im counting down the days till he comes home again.
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I'm so happy for you i know this is a sad story but i'm actually smiling for you right now. I know going through stuff like this actually brings you closer together. going through this whole thing with my dad AJ has been amazing he really has and surprisingly has brought us even more closer than ever before granted he's working but when he's around a simple touch is like alright it's not so bad!! i'm really happy for you both of you I'm extremely sorry about his uncle and his dad but I'm glad he has you for support!!

I am so happy you got some time with him :) just hang in there not much longer now!! You are so amazing to be supporting this man the way you are. All I can say is that he is lucky to have someone like you in his corner!!