Advice Needed Pronto Ladies

Kris has to go and see a therapist because of him getting hurt and because they think he may have PTSD i don't know much about PTSD but if you've been through what a Marine has been through your bound to have nightmares about it. He's been in the worst Mood ever and I don't know what to do he's angry and cranky I asked him if talking to me was making him angry he said no.hes told me a little about his nightmares but he never goes into full detail and i can tell even when he tells me that little bit he does tell me he hates to talk about it its like hes reliving the moment all over again and that's what ****** him off about going to the therapist hes trying to move past it not have to talk to someone he doesn't know about something she more than likely wont understand. I just want to cry I know that he can handle things like this on his own but I don't want him to have to do anything alone. But idk what to do or say to make him feel better. I told him to take some time for himself I just pray he makes good decisions.
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Weather you think do or not, just you being there for him is making a world of difference.

well there's nothing you can really say to him, except i'm here for you. there's only so much you can do. Just tell him to let you know if there is anything you can do to help him. thats all you really can do, especially in the state he's in. you don't wanna push him, he'll open up when hes ready. it sounds like your doing everything you can do. hang in there! im sure things will turn around. :]

Yes thankyou we all know its not easy losing a friend which is another thing that's eating at him but he called me today and told me if he tried to push me away don't let him because in the end he'll regret it then he thanked me for being there and not really doing much he just wanted to know that I was here

yeah i think all our men have moments like this. When alex left he def pushed me away.. to the point that i actually did give up because there was absolutly nothing more i could do. he soon realized it and we fixed things but point being if theres a will there is a way and it seems you both have the will so there will always be a way for you two :]