School Recruiters

Today in school (I'm a senior) I came to the realization that I talk about my marine alllllll the time! Apparently word spreads quickly, because I ended up spending the whole day with the recruiters telling my experiences as a marine girlfriend ha productive day? I think yes!
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lol when I go to work i always walk past the recruiters office and they rotate often but the head dude and i are quiet good friends and when AJ got deployed last year every time i walked past the office they would have coffee waiting. Only when he got back from deployment i bumped into one of them and he's said oh i see just cause he's back we become chopped liver you know since you stopped visiting our enlisted list has gone down we need you - i think its the connection we just cant help it!!

Hahah that's cutee(:

lol im a senior too and all the recruiters recognize me. its funny i talk to them all the time as well