So Close To The End!!! :)

So its officially only two weeks until I see my man!!! AHHHHHH I'm so incredibly excited! And nervous. Apparently, he has lost more than 20 lbs and I'm wondering if I will even be able to recognize him. Haha. I am just so excited to see him officially become a Marine. It's such a proud moment for him, me, and his family; and I get to witness it :D What will I wear?!!! hahaha :)

On a side note, it has been three weeks since I've received a letter from him. Its killing me. I was getting one every week and then all of a sudden they stopped. He has written his parents though; which lets me know that he is okay. However, he also sent a letter to a friend of ours from high school. A friend that is a girl. And as much as I'm trying to let that bother me... it does. I know that they are good friends and I am in no way worried about our relationship; however, it bothers me that after not hearing from him for so long he chose to write her a letter and not me. Had it been his best guy friend, it would have been different. I don't know... maybe I'm over reacting. OH! and to top it off: the only reason I found out was because she tagged me in a photo of the letter from him. Although that was nice of her to include me in the experience of receiving his letter, I was in the middle of an emotional breakdown when I saw the tagged photo. It did not help. I'm waiting for the mail to arrive today... so we shall see what happens.

No matter how I feel though, I know that he is kept busy while in boot camp and I still love him. 14 days till we are reunited! That's what really matters :)

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I ended up getting a letter hours after I wrote this. haha. I am so happy and so in love with my recruit!!!