Am I Crazy!?

So my marine is at MCT right now and I know a few girlfriends and finances whose SO were in my marines platoon at bootcamp and now with him at combat training. Sometimes I find myself getting upset with him over stuff while he is gone and I think it is just my way of dealing with missing him. But as I look on Facebook and talk to other girls I see that a lot of marines wrote a lot to their girls while they were in bootcamp and then when they got to MCT they had their phones for the whole first week and most of the guys called every night. But my marine did not and he probably only wrote once a week while at bootcamp. We have been dating four years and before he left he didn't put a lot of effort into our relationship but when he came home he seemed very different and tried super hard, but that was only a ten day leave. Do you ladies think when this is all done and he is home for a while that he will go back to not putting in effort and is it silly that it hurts my feelings that he didn't write or call as much as he could? Does anyone else get upset over these things? I am so happy for all my friends who got the letters and calls, but wish my marine tried as hard you know? So tell me, am I crazy?
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your not crazy at all for feeling how you feel but writing letters is different for every guy. I got way more letters than i thought i would, and thats because he would write to me when he wasnt suppose to and could have gotten caught. Maybe your man was just being precautions about when he wrote. But maybe the distance made him realize how much he missed you! Just wait until you finally get to pick back up on your relationship. And im not sure about the whole phone thing because my husband had to turn his phone in after a few hours of checking in and could only call on sundays. And only if they didnt F something up. There are going to be alot of times that hes going to distance himself and not even realize it and then just start showing you all the attention in the world! But i understand i have moments like this with my husband. He could definitely call me but hell just do other stuff instead some times...and then other days hell want to be on the phone all the time!

I wish they would make up their minds lol! It frustrates me so much!! I just get so weird when he is gone! Lol

haha yeah trust me i know but you kind of get into a routine after a while. yeah ive gotten super emotional since hes joined and i use to be to put together! but with time you get use to their craziness

Some days I could be so mad at him for no reason and others I want him home so bad! I can't wait for this to all settle down one day.

It will it just takes time and some adjusting on both yalls part

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When my boyfriend was going through bootcamp I got a letter every other week, and sometimes not even that often. Sometimes, their DI's even tell them not to write. My marine is now at ITB and he is supposed to have his phone very weekend, but so far two of the four they have lost libo privileges. Our men are under a lot of stress. I've noticed with my boyfriend that he has a marine mode and a home mode, sometimes it can be hard for him to transfer back and forth between the two. I completely understand what you mean about him being distant. But I know when my marine is away I get distant sometimes just to make missing him hurt less. It can be impossible sometimes to put a smile on your face when you hear someone else got a letter or a call knowing you didn't, but we all need to support each other. Everyone's experience is different, and we all have different coping methods. The best thing you can do is be there for him, and once you both get used to this crazy lifestyle things will go back to normal. Good luck, I hope this helps!

It helps alot! It does suck to know that someone in his same platoon wrote almost everyday and I honestly I wouldn't expect that from him anyways. I just worry because he use to not try and I don't want him to go back to those old ways.

Going through rough patches happen in every relationship, just remember what you deserve and what's best for you! If your man is like mine, he might just not be the best with words and talking about emotions. It doesn't mean he doesn't love you or want to say romantic things, it's just hard sometimes.

Very true. Our ten days while he was home was perfect! And I hope it's like that for the most part for the rest of our lives. Some say they go back to their old selfs...I hope not! Lol thanks for the help :$

:) not :$

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