For the past couple of days...since the whole journal incident we have been arguing like crazy! It seems like were taking every single argument serious when we really shouldn't because they aren't that big of a deal. It got to the point where i thought we decided we werent going to have our traditional wedding anymore. I told him that i would stop planning it and all he gave me in return was silence. So of course i assumed he agreed with me! I reminded him again yesterday that the wedding was on hold. And his response was " We need to stop all this arguing im going to do anything i have to to make our wedding in novemeber happen, even if i have to do a freken rain dance!" And for the first time in days i feel like he cares. He even said we could go and look at wedding things while he was home! I was just so tired of pushing for something i thought he didn't want...and now im reassured that we are going to be ok :)
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Ahh! Thats great to hear. (: reassurance is always good to have especially when you feel that your the only one wanting something.

yeah seriously sometimes ill just pretend to stop caring to see if he will notice and start caring himself

And does he always come back to prove that he does? (:

Yeah he's just so caught up with his school that he needs me to remind him about the outside world sometimes