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I need advice about going on with life while my boyfriend is currently serving in the united states marine corps and suggestions please im open for them i know the logic thing would be go see him but it cost a lot to go y to japan
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2 Responses Dec 6, 2012

Hi there my names Morgan and my husband is getting restationed in Japan in January. But we've had a long distance relationship our whole relationship. Violetviola is definitely right you can't stop your life. It'll make it a lot harder on you. Just stay busy and always think positive (: if you ever need to talk feel.free to message me.

Good luck with you and your man (:

You shouldn't stop your life weather he is or isnt in the states. Everything keeps moving.You just get into a routine. yeah its expensive to go but you can always have skype dates and stuff like that. Or am i misunderstanding your question