Really Ticked Off!

Ok so I need to get this off my chest. I'm seriously ready to rip Jim's head off. I very rarely get mad at him but right now i'm pissed.

You want a big wedding? Ok if that's what you want we will make it happen. We have a super small budget and want me to see how much each thing might cost? ok honey I'll do what I can to make it work and will work on the list. You want dinner and not just desert and appetizers? Ok babe I'll look into it and figure out what I can find. Look into it best way is to go VFW hall and caterer. Ok Now can you call all the VFW halls near by and see if they can make it happen in 4 months? Oh sure babe I'll work on that. What kind of church are we gonna go to? One like the one you go to where you are? ok hang on let me see if there are any, oh look your in luck there are three.

Now me: Could you ask your preacher what we need to do to make this happen? No responds from him. I have made a huge list of all the things we've discussed and all the options we have, here it *** comments about the few things that weren't finished yet.

Last night I get a text. I'm going to sleep. No call, no goodnight, no I love you. Ok I can deal and just send him a message with the questions I needed answers to.  Today I get a call at work that he's going to the Dentist and would call later...No call still

I finally get a text 2 mins ago. three actually. Pretty much don't wait up I'm out with the boys.

You know what BITE ME!!! I have things that need to be done and decisions we need to make soon because otherwise this ******* wedding he wants isn't gonna happen. I could have called a possible venue back today if he had just ******* called me for 2 seconds. I have all sorts of other stuff that keeps me up at night all trying to figure out how to make this all work on a small budget. He has the nerve lately to tell me that it's all we talk about and then the last two days not answer any questions at all when these ones are actually on a time constraint! Screw you! Be a little more selfish will you!? I work too and on my free time I do all the research. most people plan a wedding in a year...I have 4 month and I'm really annoyed that he's too busy to even call me and say goodnight. Screw You you jerk!

I'm seriously so annoyed. I don't send him mad text often but he definatly just got one back saying you're a jerk I'll talk to you tomorrow. I'm so annoyed! I love this man to death and would give anything to have him close by and time to enjoy planning the wedding. But right now we don't have time and after we get a reception hall figured out I will enjoy the rest of it but if we don't get a place now we are gonna be in a tent in my parents back yard freezing in the middle of march! I just don't get why he wants this so bad but he won't do any of the work or even acknowledge that I've done a ton of work in a matter of a month (that's how long we've been engaged) knowing it might need to be planned quickly. Since he's confirmed that it will probably be in March he's been completely unreachable. Other then the call today I've only gotten 3 text in the last two days.

Ok now that I'm this far I've recognized this is just me being overwhelmed and him not being there to tell me to chill but damn it I need him to give me something cuz this is overwhelming with him so far away and being so busy I'm doing all the work all he has to do is answer questions when I ask them.
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haha i often get a message a day later saying sorry i was so anti-social or rude it's just not easy for them they dont get much privacy either

Yea i know they don't but he's normally at least smart enough to call before he goes out if stuff comes up, especially if he knows I need to talk to him about something. And he's allowed to be anti-social but as long as he's able to use technology he can at least call for a min or two. Just not ok to completely ignore me, our relationship has never been like that before and there is no reason for it to start now.

no! but one thing i've learnt about men v women is that we have to bloody tell them crap like this, which ****** us off even more!
With my guy he has the added excuse of being somewhere where net is always cutting out, but he is a smart one he knows to apologise etc well for now at least lol

idk if i agree with that but ok

Lil late but i hope hes called you by now!!! Ive never planned my own wedding ovbs lol but i have been closely intertwined in one and i remember when my cousin was getting married her husband lived in california and she was in canada so it was even harder for her because she had to plan things there as well and she had no idea about venues and such and when he started to be like that she just said ok well if your not guna help im picking what i want and you dont get a say or input on how your wedding day/venues will be or look, he changed his mind pretty quick lol. I also agree with what storm says just take a breath even though march is around the corner you dont want to look back and think wow what a pain wedding planning was yenno? I duno if this is even guna help lol but goodluck :)

thanks girl and he did call around 2 am. didn't get why I was mad but I told him all he had to do was walk outside for 2 mins and call and I wouldn't have gotten mad. He said ok and love you go to sleep we'll talk tomorrow. So at least he was smart enough to know to call at that point

Aw sweety i hope you feeling better and i really hope he calls soon i know it's the most frustrating thing in the world because you dont have a lot of time left it'll be alright you have to believe that and i know its more stressful because he isnt there i actually remember loosing it with my dad because he needed an answer about something wedding related and i couldnt get hold of AJ and afterwards realized no matter where, when or what it'll be the perfect day because I'm marrying a person I truly love that in itself is perfect the rest really doesnt matter - however it is extremely stressful and over whelming because ultimately you going to get to a point where things cant wait any longer and you going to have to make a call either way i hope your angry text gets something out of him!!

he finally called at 2 am and couldn't figure out why I was mad.I was like all I wanted was a 2 min convo I wasn't asking you to completely cancel your night with your friends I don't think that's asking too much so yes I was mad and I was more then allowed to be mad....he didn't have an answer but told me he loved me and that i should go back to sleep.

Sorry he's being a jerk. Hope he gets it together and helps alittle more and if he annoys you again like this just tell him to go see a dr and get a visual rectonomy. Sometimes men need to be told to get their heads out their butts for important stuff. And that's probably the nicest way to tell him

Ha he told me when he called at 2am that he didn't know why I was he woke me up but he had a whole list of things he had been trying to do and didn't know what I was mad about. i was like first off I'm allowed to be mad about whatever. Second off I'm mad because you're whole list of things may be important but drinking with your buddies isn't more important then takeing two mins away to call me and tell me goodnight. he shut up after that and then said he would talk to me tomorrow and that he loved me. So at least he called cuz I would have been still mad this morning otherwise

Aww at least he called and apologized but just remember when he acts that way again to tell him he needs a visual rectonomy. It makes them stop and think.